Yokohama Thai Festival 2009

at Redbrick Warehouse, Yokokama. Yokohama Thai Festival Executive Committee and Asian Children Education Fund Association (ACEFA) and supported by the Royal Thai Embassy. In this festival, Thai restaurants, shops selling Thai products and Thai traditional performances were main features of the event.

The King Rama V Memorial Day Ceremony

and Heads of Thai officials in Japan participated in The King Rama V Memorial Ceremony and paid respect to the Statue of The King Rama V at Nitaiji Temple in Nagoya city, Aichi Prefecture. 

ASEAN Family Day 2009

together with 10 ASEAN Embassies to Japan at the Kasai Rinkai Park, Tokyo. In this year, the Embassy of Myanmar was the main coordinator of the event. The activities included a together-lunchon and competed in traditional games such as Tug of war, Penalty kick, Sepak takraw, Garden golf, Pickup Potatoes, Ping pong ball&spoon and Siamese twin run.                    

Royal Thai Embassy visited Dai Ni Enzan Elementary School in Shinagawa-ward

including Thai traditional musical instruments performance, Phee-Ta-Khon performance and Thai Takraw demonstration by Japan Sepaktakraw Federation. There were 629 students participated in the activities including quiz on Thailand and trying basic Thai Takraw for the first time.                

Farewell Reception: The Japan Foundation Group-Tour Program for Secondary School Educators 2009

201 participants from 55 countries joined the program during 1 – 14 October to exchange their opinions with Japanese on education, culture and society. Ms.Kornkanok Meksri, Nong Bua Pittayakarn School’s educator, was the representative from Thailand. She also performed the Northeastern Folk Dance in the ceremony also with the other countries’ performances.            

Muay Thai Open 9

organized by Saenchai Muay Thai Gym at Differ Ariake and presented trophies to the winners of the competition. More than 30 boxers from Thailand and Japan participated in this competition. There were about 1,000 people attended the event.               

Women’s Boxing in OPBF ’s “Triple Title Match”

OA Kokietjim, Thai’s woman boxer, fought Asami Shikasho from Japan for the Vacant OPBF Female Flyweight Champion. In the match, Shikasho defeated her competitor by TKO in the 8th round.       

Global Festa 2009

participated in Global Festa 009. The event is held annually to provide opportunity to every organisation on development to display their works, objectives and plans to the public as well as to build up network among the related orgainisations. The theme of the event will be different each year, in 2009, the main concept was to express a global concern on “Environment and Climate Change”. In the event, TICA presented its works on technical assistants to many developing countries including African countries, Lao, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.          

Thai Buddhists’ Rituals “Tod Kratin” at Wat Puttarangsri, Hachioji, Tokyo

where many Thais living in Japan joined merit-making and offered ceremoniously to the monks.Tod Kratin is a Buddhist rituals connected to “Ok Phansa” or the end of the Buddhist lent and falls on the full moon in the eleventh lunar month, or in October. Ok Phansa is a day of merit-making. After Ok Phansa, lasts for 30 days or before the full moon of the twelfth lunar month in November, Buddhists will join a merit-making ceremony and gather at the temple to offer robes and necessary items for temple life to the monks on the appointed day. The ritual normally holds for a whole day. After merit-making and offering food to the monks in the morning, the Buddhists will listen to the monks’ preaching and do meditation. In the evening, the monks will lead a candle lit and march 3 complete rounds of the main temple building together with the Buddhists.   

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