JTBF Farwell Party

at Kojun Club in which Heads of Thai Offices in Tokyo and the Embassy’s officials also joined. In this occasion, Mr. Teisuke KITAYAMA,Chairman of JTBF said that the group was grateful to the Ambassador’s strongly support to JTBF activities. He also reiterated that Japan-Thai relationships were closer and reflected in the Celebration of 120th Diplomatic Relations and the joint signing on JTEPA. Even through the World economic crisis had effect on both countries, there was remain a sign of recovery. JTBF, thus, would continue its works to promote the both countries benefits. The Ambassador expressed his gratitude to JTBF members for their sympathy to Thailand and being a Friends of Thailand when in need. He stressed that the Embassy could not do solely to promote Thailand and Japan relations. JTBF, therefore, was a crucial part to help promote a better understanding to Japan which also benefited to all Thai Offices in Tokyo. Besides, the Ambassador spoke as metaphor that being a ripe fruit falling from the tree but its seed would be ready to continue growing. Thus, the Embassy would continue to work with JTBF. Mr. Hiroyuki MARUKO, the former JTBF Chairman, praised the Ambassador’s ability and thanked for his support to JTBF’s activities. Then, the Ambassador provided “Thai Encyclopaedia in Japanese version” to JTBF as souvenir.              

Tokyo 2009 Asian Youth Para Games

from 30 countries in Asia who join in Tokyo 2009 Asian Youth Para Games in Tokyo during 11-13 September 2009.The competition this year includes 6 sports namely Athletics, Boccia (an indoor sport developed for disabilities, Goalball (a sport developed for the blind and visually impaired), Swimming, Table Tennis and Wheelchair Tennis. There are totally 22 Thai youth athletes from 900 youth athletes from Asian countries.               

Thai Institute of Banking and Finance Association visited to Japan

called on Ambassador and attended the briefing on trading and relationship between Japan and Thailand by Heads of Thai Offices at the Residence dued to their study programme to Japan during 6-9 September 2009. In this occasion the Ambassador hosted a welcome dinner to all delegations.  

Thai Forum : Captivating Thailand

and Kikkei, held a seminar on “Thai Forum : Captivating Thailand“, at Marunouchi Club, where Prof. Osamu Akagi, Prof. Tatsuhiko Kawashima, Prof. Shigeyo Kimura, Miss Maiko Ito and Mr. Yosuke Naito attended as panelists.The said seminar was to hear comments and opinions on Thailand at present by 130 Japanese participants. Interestingly, those participants traveled to Thailand several times and had opinions that Thai people and their point of views were the main components to make them to return to the country over times. Moreover, Thailand had many features to bring back Japanese people to the old days. And, plenty of aspects on Thailand were difficult to find in present Japan, such as atmosphere of rural vicinity, amazing sound of nature which perceived differently among Japanese people. These were persuasion of Thailand to be investigated and caused them to return to the country so many times.The Japanese participants said that Thai people was the most captivated reason that tied them to the country. Some participants were impressed to the way of showing respects to teachers by Thai students. Also Thai cuisine was a major representation to the truth of Thai society. However, they expressed concerns that political confusion and social disagreement in the country at present would fade away the country’s captivation. All participants would like Thai people and the country preserve the society’s value which is already remarkable and precious in Japanese people’s mind.                   

Thai Election Commissioner observed Japanese House of Representatives Election

led by Mr. Somchai Juengpraset at the Residence dued to their visit to Japan, during 28 August – 1 September 2009, as observers for House of Representatives election of Japan.On 30 August 2009, the commissioners went to Yachiyo City in Chiba Prefecture to observe election voted of Japanese people. Then, on 1 September 2009, the commissioners will call on Mayor of Yachiyo City and attend a briefing by Election Commission of Yachiyo City on this year election arrangement.  

Mobile consular service in Ibaragi

where 64 Thai people came and received the service. On the same day, Dr. Takashi Sawada, a Japanese professional doctor, assisted Thai people for basic medical examination and consultation on simply health care.      

ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2009, Tokyo

“ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2009”at Gymnasium of the Metropolitan Komazawa Olympic Park, Tokyo, and won the Panasonic Award, a special prize for the competitors.     The robot competition has been organised for the 8th year. This year contest was comprised of 21 teams from 20 countries in Asia-Pacific region including Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Egypt, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. The next year competition will be held in Egypt. Then, in 2011, Thailand will be the next host of the robot contest.               

The Occasion of HM the Queens 77th birthday at Wat Paknam Chiba

staffs and Thai people resided in Japan joined the religious rite with to commemorate Her Majesty the Queen’s 77th anniversary at Wat Paknam, Chiba Prefecture.  

The 6th Asian Age Group Championships 2009

In the first day competition, 10 August 2009, Thai youth swimming athletes defeated other national athletes and won medals in many events including silver medal of men 800 m. Freestyle, bronze medal for women 50 m. Breaststroke, gold and silver medals for men 100 m Freestyle, bronze medal for women 100m Freestyle and gold medal for women 400m Freestyle which promote Thailand’s reputation abroad.    

Muay Thai Wave from YOKOHAMA 8

First Secretary attended Muay Thai Competition “Muay Thai Wave from YOKOHAMA 8” organized by Hamakko Muay Thai Gym at Akarenga Soko, Yokohama and presented trophies to the winners of the competition. There were about 400 people attended the event.   

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