Global Festa 2009

participated in Global Festa 009. The event is held annually to provide opportunity to every organisation on development to display their works, objectives and plans to the public as well as to build up network among the related orgainisations. The theme of the event will be different each year, in 2009, the main concept was to express a global concern on “Environment and Climate Change”. In the event, TICA presented its works on technical assistants to many developing countries including African countries, Lao, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.          

Thai Buddhists’ Rituals “Tod Kratin” at Wat Puttarangsri, Hachioji, Tokyo

where many Thais living in Japan joined merit-making and offered ceremoniously to the monks.Tod Kratin is a Buddhist rituals connected to “Ok Phansa” or the end of the Buddhist lent and falls on the full moon in the eleventh lunar month, or in October. Ok Phansa is a day of merit-making. After Ok Phansa, lasts for 30 days or before the full moon of the twelfth lunar month in November, Buddhists will join a merit-making ceremony and gather at the temple to offer robes and necessary items for temple life to the monks on the appointed day. The ritual normally holds for a whole day. After merit-making and offering food to the monks in the morning, the Buddhists will listen to the monks’ preaching and do meditation. In the evening, the monks will lead a candle lit and march 3 complete rounds of the main temple building together with the Buddhists.   

Members from Setagaya Citizen’s Society for overseas Study visited Royal Thai Embassy

visited Royal Thai Embassy and listened to briefing on Thailand and inquired Thai Embassy staffs on Thai culture and lifestyle before taking a trip to Thailand and Cambodia during 8-15 November 2009 as their study programme of the community.         

Royal Thai Embassy visited Shimizudai Elementary School in Shinagawa-ward

to brief on Thailand and culture including Thai traditional musical instruments performance, Phee-Ta-Khon performance and Thai Takraw demonstration by Japan Sepaktakraw Federation. There were 100 students participated in the activities including quiz on Thailand and trying basic Thai Takraw for the first time.

AEON 1% CLUB 20th Anniversary Teenage Ambassador Reunion Farewell Party

Teenage Ambassador Reunion Farewell Party at Hotel New Otani. The Teenage Ambassador Alumni 11 countries, from Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Brazil, China (Hong Kong, Tsingtao), Australia, Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia and Peru, and also National Diet members attended the function. In the opening ceremony, Mr.Takuya OKADA, Honorable Chairman of AEON Co., Ltd., and Mr.Akihiko HARADA, Chairman of AEON 1% CLUB delivered welcoming speeches. At the end of the party, the representatives from each countries presented the traditional souvenirs to Mr.Okada and Mr.Harada, followed by singing a farewell song together.           

The Commissioner for Social Welfare, the House of Representatives visited to Japan

Chairman of the Commission for Social Welfareand delegates in the occasion of their study programme and discussion with Japanese side during 11-15 September 2009. During the programme, the Commissioners visited International Youth Exchange Organisation of Japan (IYEO) and Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (JSPD) in Nagoya Prefecture. After meeting with the counterpart, the Commissioners pay a courtesy call the Ambassador at the Thai Residence to discuss on related matters before departing to Bangkok.   

Mobile consular service in Nagano

where 134 Thai people came and received the service. On the same day, a medical team from Saku Central Hospitals assisted Thai people for basic medical examination and consultation on simply health care.        

“Yod Nak Suu vol.3”

organized by Weerasakreck Muay Thai Gym at Differ Ariake and presented trophies to the winners of the competition. More than 30 boxers from Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Brasil and Switzerland participatedin this competition. There were about 1,600 people attended the event.                            

JTBF Farwell Party

at Kojun Club in which Heads of Thai Offices in Tokyo and the Embassy’s officials also joined. In this occasion, Mr. Teisuke KITAYAMA,Chairman of JTBF said that the group was grateful to the Ambassador’s strongly support to JTBF activities. He also reiterated that Japan-Thai relationships were closer and reflected in the Celebration of 120th Diplomatic Relations and the joint signing on JTEPA. Even through the World economic crisis had effect on both countries, there was remain a sign of recovery. JTBF, thus, would continue its works to promote the both countries benefits. The Ambassador expressed his gratitude to JTBF members for their sympathy to Thailand and being a Friends of Thailand when in need. He stressed that the Embassy could not do solely to promote Thailand and Japan relations. JTBF, therefore, was a crucial part to help promote a better understanding to Japan which also benefited to all Thai Offices in Tokyo. Besides, the Ambassador spoke as metaphor that being a ripe fruit falling from the tree but its seed would be ready to continue growing. Thus, the Embassy would continue to work with JTBF. Mr. Hiroyuki MARUKO, the former JTBF Chairman, praised the Ambassador’s ability and thanked for his support to JTBF’s activities. Then, the Ambassador provided “Thai Encyclopaedia in Japanese version” to JTBF as souvenir.              

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