Phuket Sandbox Programme From 1st July 2021


A scheme that allows fully vaccinated travelers to enter Phuket, Thailand without quarantine, subject to conditions as below.

Eligible travelers

· Must come from permitted countries/territories in the list announced by the Thai Government (list of countries)

*Travelers must arrive at Phuket by direct flights. Transit flights are allowed as long as they are from the specified countries/territories. 

**Non-Thai travelers must be staying in these eligible countries no less than 21 days prior to travel.

***Thai and foreign nationals with residence in Thailand are exempted from this 21 days requirement. 

· Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) or Ministry of Public Health of Thailand no less than 14 days before departure. Travelers must show proof of vaccination issued by a government authority.

* If the vaccination certificate is issued in a language other than English, please provide English translation (download here) .

** Certificate of recovery is not accepted.

*** Children under the age of 18, traveling with parents, are eligible without proof of vaccination.

· Travelers must present RT-PCR negative test result issued no more than 72 hours before departure.

· Travelers must install and use a tracking application as prescribed by the Thai Government throughout their 14 days in Phuket, otherwise they may not be allowed to leave Phuket to other parts of Thailand after these 14 days.

· Travelers must undergo RT-PCR test upon arrival at Phuket International Airport. Then they will be transferred directly to their reserved SHA+ hotels. If the test result is negative, travelers will be allowed to move around freely in Phuket.


Required documents and Steps to apply for COE

A. Required Documents

1. Copy of valid passport

2. Copy of valid Thai visa or re-entry permit 

*Please refer to COE application guidelines for a list of required documents for pre-approval registration by category.

3. Health insurance which covers treatment and medical expenses in relation to COVID-19, with a minimum coverage of 100,000 USD . (The period must cover the length of stay in Thailand. However, for foreigner travelers who hold Thai residence or who intend to stay long-term, the health insurance must cover at least one-year period.)
– Information regarding details and purchase of COVID-19 insurance in Thailand is available at

4. Confirmation Letter with full paid of the hotel that meets the “SHA+ (Safety and Health Administration Plus)” standard

Confirmation of “SHA+” hotel booking must be issued under the SHABA system (SHA Plus Booking Authentication system) or booking under

* Traveler must stay at the same hotel for at least 7 days and may change after that

** Travelers who do not show the return tickets must stay in SHA+ hotel in Phuket for at least 14 nights

*** Travelers who have return tickets and who stay in Phuket less than 14 days are allowed to book SHA+ hotels according to the number of days in Phuket.

**** After 14 days, travelers may travel to other parts of Thailand . Departure earlier than 14 days is possible only for destinations outside of Thailand.

More information of SHA+ standard hotel here

5. Receipt of COVID test appointment to apply for the COE, please contact hotel/hospital directly for this document.
Upon entry, travelers will have to undergo three COVID-19 tests during their 14-days stay in Phuket (upon arrival at Phuket International Airport, day 6-7 and 12-13).

6. Air Ticket

Please contact the respective airlines directly for flight schedules.

B. Apply for a COE online via


* Please complete registration at least 7 days before travel.

** Before travel please install and register journey-tracing Application Thailand Plus here


PHUKET SANDBOX EXTENSION 7+7 ( Update: August 17, 2021)

  1. What is Phuket Sandbox Extension 7+7 programme?
    • A tourism-promotion scheme that builds on the Phuket Sandbox programme by allowing fully vaccinated travellers to spend time in Thailand, without quarantine, in Phuket (for the first 7 days) and then in another designated province (for the last 7 days), subject to conditions below.

  2. Eligible travellers
    • Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 & must come from countries considered as low/medium-risk areas by the Thai Government (same conditions as those eligible for Phuket Sandbox, see above)

  3. Conditions 
    • Hotels
      • First 7 days: must stay at a SHA+ hotel in Phuket
      • Last 7 days: must stay at a SHA+ hotel in one of the following 4 destinations:
        • Surat Thani (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao)
          • Travel from Phuket by plane (Phuket-Samui) only. Note: domestic Phuket-Samui flights may be suspended; please double check with airlines.
          • Travellers may stay at up to 2 hotels in the 3 islands: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao
          • Changing hotels between 3 islands is permitted.
        • Krabi (Koh Phi-Phi, Koh Ngai & Railey Beach)
          • Travel from Phuket by boat.
          • Travellers may stay at up to 2 hotels in the 3 designated areas: Koh Phi-Phi, Koh Ngai & Railey Beach
          • Changing hotels between 3 areas is permitted.
        • Phang-Nga (Khao Lak)
          • Travel from Phuket by road only.
          • Travellers may stay at up to 2 hotels in Khao Lak only
          • No day trips to islands or other areas are possible.
        • Phang-Nga (Koh Yao-Noi OR Koh Yao-Yai)
          • Travel from Phuket by boat.
          • Travellers may stay at up to 2 hotels either in Koh Yao-Noi or in Koh Yao-Yai.
          • Changing hotels is possible within an island, but not possible between the two islands
          • Day trips are permitted between the 2 islands.
      • Confirmation of "SHA+" hotel booking
      • Travellers must report themselves back at the chosen hotel every night. Overnight stay at other places is not possible.
    • Transport
      • Entering Thailand
        • Must enter Thailand via Phuket International Airport.
        • Transfer via Bangkok is not yet possible. 
      • From Airport to Hotel
        • From Phuket International Airport, travellers must travel to their SHA+ hotels in pre-booked cars provided by the SHA+ hotels.
      • From Phuket to Surat Thani, Krabi or Phang-Nga 
        • Must show "Transfer Form" and negative result of the 2nd RT-PCR Test.
        • Must use means of transport as mentioned above (plane, boat or car)
      • Leaving Thailand
        • If travellers stay in Thailand for less than 14 days in total, they must leave Thailand for another country via Phuket International Airport only.
      • Those staying for at least 14 days may travel to other parts of Thailand by providing proof of 14 days of stay in Phuket  Sandbox & PHUKET SANDBOX EXTENSION 7+7 (Release Form) and three RT-PCR test results.
    • COVID-19 RT-PCR tests
      • Travellers must present RT-PCR negative test result issued no more than 72 hours before departure from original country to Thailand.
      • After entering Thailand
        • Travellers will have to undergo three COVID-19 tests (2 tests in Phuket, and 1 more test in the area chosen for the last 7 days), at the traveller's own expenses
        • The first test will be done at the airport upon arrival; travellers will be allowed outside of their hotel rooms only upon confirmation of negative result of the first test.
        • 2nd RT-PCR test will be done on 6th or 7th day.
      • To apply for COE, travellers must submit evidence of pre-payment for the required RT-PCR tests 
      • Accepted evidence of pre-payment for the RT-PCR tests are
        • Receipt issued by the SHA+ hotel
        • Receipt issued under the Phuket Swab Appointment System (PSAS) for appointments made through  website (online RT-PCR test appointment system)
    • Journey-tracing application
      • Travellers must install and use journey-tracing application (turn on GPS) as prescribed by the Thai Government throughout the 14 days in Thailand
  4. How to apply for COE
    • Travellers under Phuket Sandbox Extension (7+7) programme must apply for a Certificate of Entry (COE), like all other travellers, via
    • Please choose option "Sandbox Programme", and then select "Phuket" as Sandbox destination when completing the "travel details" column.

Disclaimer: the above information is subject to change without prior notice. 


Other relevant information

*Travelers who are not qualified will have to be quarantined at ALQ facility or leave Thailand immediately.

** Travelers who wish to
travel to other parts of Thailand are required to present RT-PCR negative test result during the period of 14 days.

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