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CAAT Notification on Conditions for International Flight Permit to Thailand (No.2)

... Thailand on Conditions for Aircraft Permission to Enter Thailand issued on 29 June B.E. 2563 (2020) shall be abolished.                    2. Aircraft... ... with the conditions, time limits and rules of the authorized persons under the Thai immigration law, communicable diseases law, air navigation law, and the Emergency Decree... ... mission, and have a specified date and time for return                    (6) Non-Thai nationals who are a spouse, parents, or children of a Thai national.    ...

Flight for non-Thai nationals on 4 September 2020 (Registration is now closed)

... page ).                 If you do not have neither a valid visa nor a valid re-entry permit (to check the validity of your visa or re-entry permit,   please click here ) , please apply for a visa at (For Non-Immigration B visa you need a Copy of work permit or certificate issued by Ministry of Labour of Thailand or the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI)) Only for applicants who wish to enter Thailand on 4 September 2020. Visa reservation online will be available until ...

Updated : Information for Travelers from Japan ( 27 March 2020 )

... Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under certain conditions and prescribed time period. b . Carriers of necessary cargoes, but required prompt exit after the mission is completed... ... certificate of entry to the Kingdom issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required. e . Non-Thai nationals with work permit or who have been granted permission from Thai government... ... strictly comply with disease prevention measures imposed by the government. 4. The immigration officers have the power to deny the entry of Non-Thai nationals who have...

Announcement Exemption Of Toursit Visa Fees For Holders Of Chinese Passports And Chinese Taipei Passports

... Embassies/Consulate-Generals worldwide, including those who apply for Visa on Arrival at designated checkpoints of Thailand, will be exempted from tourist visa fees . The visa fee exemption is not extended to other types of visas, i.e., Transit Visa and Non-Immigrant Visa. 在京タイ王国大使館より 中華人民共和国旅券所持者及び中華台北旅券所持者に対する 観光査証申請料免除お知らせ タイ王国政府は中華人民共和国旅券所持者及び中華台北旅券所持者に対する観光査証申請料を2014年8月9日から2014年11月8日の3ヶ月間免除することを承認をしました。 ...

**Transit Visa 【TS】

... and an original copy of company’s registration (TOKIBOTOHON) are required.      b. For self-employment, an original company’s registration (TOKIBOTOHON) is required... ... information, etc. and available to be contacted by the Embassy. Additional documents for non-Japanese applicant: 11. A copy of passport and a copy of residence card or certificate... ... renewal of resident card, please submit a copy of acceptance of renewal issued by the Immigration Bureau of Japan. The applicant is also required to present the original...


... ประเภทคนเดินทางผ่านราชอาณาจักร (Transit) ครั้งละ ประเภทท่องเที่ยว (Tourist) ครั้งละ ประเภทคนอยู่ชั่วคราว (Non-immigrant) 3.1 ใช้ครั้งเดียว 3.2 ใช้ได้หลายครั้งในหนึ่งปี 3.3 ใช้ได้หลายครั้งในสามปีตามโครงการ APEC 3.4 ใช้ได้หลายครั้งในสามปี ...
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