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Updated : Information for Travelers from Japan ( 27 March 2020 )

From Monday 30 March 2020, the Royal Thai Embassy temporarily suspends the regular visa service. With Reference to the declaration of a state of emergency in Thailand related to the COVID-19 Pandemic on 25 March B.E. 2563 (2020), an applicant who are permitted to enter Thailand by the declaration can apply for visa

Visa application fee

Type Current Fee Transit Visa 3,500 Yen per entry Tourist Visa 4,500 Yen per entry Non-Immigrant Visa Single entry 9,000 Yen 1 Year Multiple entry 22,000 Yen 3 Years Multiple entry for holders of the APEC Business Travel Card or related documents 44,000 Yen Non-Immigrant Type O-A "Long Stay" Visa 22,000 Yen (1 Year Multiple entry) *Remarks Exact amount of fee is required.


... Japan, please contact: How to apply Legalize your documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan. Copy all pages of the documents (Black & White Copies) Submit to the embassy with the application Pay fee (2,000 yen per document) Pick up the documents (Next 1 week)

Thai designer won the encouraging prize from Nagoya Fashion Contest 2014

... over 4,000 pieces of work, Mr. Porramace Ponglarpprasert from Thailand won the encouraging prize for his “The Legendary Forest”, which is the work in the ladies clothes category. The Nagoya Fashion Contest is the world-wide fashion contest, with applications from designers all over the world, organized by Nagoya Fashion Association and Nagoya Industries Promotion Corporation.

The Symposium on the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN

... Secretary General of ASEAN on Friday, 19 May 2017, from 14.00 to 15.35 hrs. at Bellesalle Onarimon, Tokyo (※next to ASEAN-JAPAN Centre) Sumitomo Fudosan Bld 1F, 6-17-21, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Please visit the link for more information and application instructions.

2013.06.23 Royal Thai Embassy organized mobile consular services at Tochigi

... in the area.  Totally 110 people received the services. Meanwhile, on 22 June 2013, the Consular Office, together with the TNJ and Dek Thai Group in Tochigi, held a joint workshop for the Thais.  It provided concise information on consular services application procedures, including Q&A session for specific questions. The activity was aimed at developing understanding on consular services and building volunteers’ capability so that they can better assist the Thais living in the area. The workshop ...

外交 / 公用ビザ 必要書類

... 申請に必要な書類 : 有効な外交/公用旅券 (有効期限が6ヶ月以上有効なもの、査証欄の余白部分が2ページ以上あるもの) 申請書 全ての欄を記入し、申請者が署名したもの 申請書(Application for visa)ダウンロードは こちら 申請書はパソコン上でタイプすることができます。 必要な情報を空欄にタイプして下さい。英語でタイプし、大文字を使って下さい。 大使館は作成した申請書はインクジェットプリンターでプリントすることをお勧めします。 ...

2013.03.28 Royal Thai Embassy and ASEAN-Japan Centre held Networking Meeting 2014 for Thailand

On 28 March 2014, the Royal Thai Embassy and ASEAN-Japan Centre co-organized the Networking Meeting for Thailand.  Over 120 representatives out of 400 applicants from public and private agencies attended the event, indicating high interest in Thailand among the Japanese. During the seminar, Ambassador shared information about previous year’s Thailand and Japan in general.  The relations of the two ...

Validity & Period

... issuance. Period of stay in Thailand When entering Thailand within the given time frame, the immigration officer at the entry point will grant a 90-day stay. This is the initial period of stay for this type of visa. For an extension of stay beyond 90 days, application must be made at an Immigration Bureau. Tourist visas Validity of visa The single entry visa must be utilized within 3 months from the date of issuance. Double or more entries must be used within 6 months from the date issued. Period of stay ...

治療のためのビザ 必要書類

... 大使館は面接を要求する場合がある。ビザ手続きの時間を十分に踏まえて渡航の計画をたてること。 申請に必要な書類 : 有効な旅券  (有効期限が6ヶ月以上有効なもの、査証欄の余白部分が2ページ以上あるもの) 申請書   全ての欄を記入し、申請者が署名したもの 申請書(Application for visa)ダウンロードは こちら 申請書はパソコン上でタイプすることができます。 必要な情報を空欄にタイプして下さい。英語でタイプし、大文字を使って下さい。 大使館は作成した申請書はインクジェットプリンターでプリントすることをお勧めします。 ...
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