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Royal Thai Embassy visited Shimizudai Elementary School in Shinagawa-ward

... traditional musical instruments performance, Phee-Ta-Khon performance and Thai Takraw demonstration by Japan Sepaktakraw Federation. There were 100 students participated in the activities including quiz on Thailand and trying basic Thai Takraw for the first time. On 18 September 2009, the Royal Thai Embassy officials and staffs visited Shimizudai Elementary School in Shinagawa-ward

Thai Forum : Captivating Thailand

... Kawashima, Prof. Shigeyo Kimura, Miss Maiko Ito and Mr. Yosuke Naito attended as panelists.The said seminar was to hear comments and opinions on Thailand at present by 130 Japanese participants. Interestingly, those participants traveled to Thailand several times and had opinions that Thai people and their point of views were the main components to make them to return to the country over times. Moreover, Thailand had many features to bring back Japanese people to the old days. And, plenty of aspects on Thailand ...

Validity & Period

Non-immigrant visas Validity of visa The single entry visa must be utilized within 90 days from the date of issuance. Multiple entries must be used within 1 year from the date of issuance. Period of stay in Thailand When entering Thailand within the given time frame, the immigration officer at the entry point will grant a 90-day stay. This is the initial period of stay for this type of visa. For an extension of stay beyond 90 days, application must be made at an Immigration Bureau. Tourist visas Validity ...

Thailand's History

... independence to the region. Sukhothai period was the most flourishing period of Thailand. It gained independence in 1238 and quickly expanded its boundary of influence. Sukhothai period was considered to be a golden age of Thai culture. During that time in the history, everybody could say that "There are fish in the water and rice in the fields". The boundary of Sukhothai stretched from Lampang in the north to Vientiane, in present day Laos and the south to the Malay Peninsula. During ...

Royal Patronage of a people and a culture

... traditional arts and crafts that best epitomizes her endeavors. Through encouraging and providing the means for the rural poor to revive old hadicrafts, the Queen shows a way for families to secure a source of valuable supplementary income while, at the same time, a fresh lease of life is given to time-honored crafts that may otherwise die out. The origins of Queen Sirikit’s specific involvement with indigenous handicrafts dates from the early 1970s, where a disastrous flood in Thailand’s northeast ...

Do i need visa

... Morocco The Netherlands Nepal Panama Peru The Philippines Poland Romania Russian Federation Slovak Republic South Africa Sri Lanka Switzerland (including Liechtenstein) Tajikistan Tunisia Turkey Ukraine Uruguay France (only Diplomatic passport, including times stay in other schengen countries) Spain (only Diplomatic passport, including times stay in other schengen countries) Estonia (only Diplomatic passport) , ( 13 Aug 2012~) Republic of Serbia ( 9 September 2017 ~) El Salvador ( 28 October 2018 ...

Thailand's Profile

... an earlier design that placed a white elephant (emblem of the absolute monarch) on a red background. Red represents nation. White evokes religion. Blue symbolizes the monarchy. Year The Buddhist year for 2001 is 2544 (add 543 to the Christian year) Time 2 hours lag behind Japan (7 hours advanced from Greenwich) Thai Currency Thailand's currency is the baht, which is divided into 100 satang. Copper coins are valued at 25 and 50 satang, and silver ones at 1, 5, and 10 baht. Bank notes are valued at ...

Time to apply for visa

The result of visa application will be announced on the next two working days.   Only Japanese citizens can requests for passport(s) to be returned by mail.  Non-Japanese applicant holding passports of 1. Afghanistan 2. Bangladesh 3. Egypt 4. Iran 5. North Korea 6. Libya 7. Nigeria 8. Palestine 9. Sudan 10. Yemen 11. Cameroon 12. Congo 13. Republic of Congo 14. Equatorial Guinea 15. Guinea 16. Algeria 17. China 18. India 19. Iraq 20. Lebanon 21. Nepal 22. Pakistan 23. Sri Lanka 24. Syria 25....

Thailand's Monarchy

... Thai people. Known to many as the "working monarch", King Bhumibol travels the remote rural areas of the vast reaches of His country to develop more complete and first-hand understanding of the assets and hardships of His subjects. During His time on the throne, His Majesty has launched a multitude of development projects alleviating disease, promoting a better rural economy, and preserving and protecting Thailand's natural environment. A large number of projects result from His Majesty's ...

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

... Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, and the US Ministry of Agriculture have taken special interest in vetiver operations. Disaster management Apart from development work for the well-being of his subjects, His Majesty‘s benevolence is also manifested in times of catastrophes. One noted incident was in 1962 when a typhoon struck twelve coastal provinces in Southern Thailand and caused extensive destruction to lives and properties. His Majesty was the first to promptly take action by making a nationwide ...
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