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Thailand's History

... and the British, and France in 1662. In the mid-16th century, Ayutthaya and the independent kingdom in Chiang Mai was put under the control of the Burmese, but Thais could regain both of the capitals by the end of the century. The Burmese invaded Ayutthaya again in 1765. This time Burmese caused much fear to Thais. Burmase soldiers destroyed everything, including temples, manuscripts, and religious sculpture. After the capital fell in their hands for two years, the Burmese effectiveness could not further hold the kingdom. ...

Thailand –Japan Relations

... and exchanges with Thailand, as well as with other countries, became severely limited. Consequently, the Japanese community in Ayutthaya declined.               In the 19th century, during the reign of Emperor Meiji in Japan and King Chulalongkorn ... ... sent to Thailand. These experts greatly contributed to the modernisation of Thailand,while cooperation from Japan since this time has become a foundation of growing joint undertakings between the two countries in various aspects. In February 1898, the ...

08.31 Ambassador visited Shizuoka and joined Shizuoka Thai Festival

... FUJINOKUNI Shizuoka”, the Thai Festival held during 1-2 September 2012 by the Shizuoka Japan-Thailand Association.  At the same time, he also met with key persons in Shizuoka to strengthen the bond between Thailand and Shizuoka.  On 31 August 2012, the ... ... and Shizuoka, especially through Nagamasa Yamada, the Japanese samurai from Shizuoka who served in the Royal Thai army during Ayutthaya period and was granted a title of “Okya Senaphimoc”.  In regards to economic relations, the Ambassador mentioned ...

2013.08.31 Ambassador joined Thai Festival in Shizuoka

... Shizuoka Prefecture and strengthening good relations between Thailand and Shizuoka Prefecture. Ambassador wished for the success of the event and stressed the significance of strengthening Thailand-Shizuoka relations, which has been carried on since the time of Nagamasa Yamada, the Japanese Samurai who lived in the prefecture 400 years ago during Ayutthaya period. Ambassador also mentioned that the Japanese Government’s policy on the exemption of visa for Thai tourists within 15 days would significantly contribute to the increase of Thai tourists to Shizuoka. Lastly, Ambassador congratulated ...
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