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Visa for bussiness,working and teaching

Change of Non-Immigrant Visa (B) As of 1st July 2008, the Non-Immigrant Visa will be categorised into 3 types as below. Change of Non-Immigrant Visa (B) As of 1st July 2008, the Non-Immigrant Visa will be categorised into 3 types as below. Non-Immigrant-B (Business) Non-Immigrant-B (Working) Non-Immigrant-B (Teaching)

Guidelines for applying a visa during the periods of COVID - 19

... appoint a representative to submit a visa application to the Embassy for these visa types: 1) Diplomatic / Official Visa (D / F) 2) Non - Immigrant Visa B (Working) 3) Non - Immigrant Visa O (Spouse / dependent of foreigner legally works in Thailand) 4) Non - Immigrant Visa B (Conducting of business / attending a meeting for a short period) 5) Tourist Visa - TR o For applying a Visa in no. 2), 3) and 4) above, a representative must be a Japanese who has been working in the same company or company group. The representative must prepare a ...

New Requirement documents For non Immigrant B VISA

... and be effective from 1st February 2015. The Royal Thai Embassy Tokyo announces that the required documents for non-immigrant B will amend and be effective from 1st February 2015. For the further information, please visit Non-Immigrant B (Working) Non-Immigrant B (Business) Before you apply for visa at the Royal Thai Embassy, Tokyo, please be informed that: Non-immigrant-B (Working) the Embassy may require additional documents and reserves the right to reject incomplete visa application. the issuance of visa is under the discretion of the Embassy....

Flight for non-Thai nationals in December 2020

... document of 14 days Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ), except for Medical treatment purpose; ( ) (7) Documents indicating the reason for entry: Ø   For working or business purpose:  - Only for the holder of a valid Non-Immigrant Visa Category “B”  (Business Visa) or “IB” (Investment and Business Visa) / No need to provide additional documents Ø For permanent residents:   - A copy of Certificate of Residence and re-entry permit stamp Ø For immediate family members of Thai nationals:   - ...

**Non-immigrant-ED (Education)

Non Immigrant ED  Visa 】 ( Education )  (1. For purposes of study / training / attending short – term courses in the government offices ... ... academic institutions under Ministry of Education. 2. For purposes of attending meetings or religious activities arranged by business / private entities in Thailand.) Note : Currently, unofficial courses such as language courses, boxing classes, etc. ...

Non-Immigrant Visa B (Conducting business)

Non-Immigrant Visa B (Conducting business) ※ This type of visa is provided for foreigners who (1) wish to conduct business in Thailand or (2) invest in condominiums in Thailand, have a Thai bank account or purchase a  Thai government bond with the equivalent amount of not less than ...

Flight for non-Thai nationals on 4 September 2020 (Registration is now closed)

... Embassy will announce the next flight in due course Flight for non-Thai nationals to enter the Kingdom of Thailand on 4 September ... ... passport (a biodata (photo) page  and   a re-entry stamp page or a visa page ).                 If you do not have ... ... please apply for a visa at (For Non-Immigration B visa you need a Copy of work permit or certificate ... ... here) (3)      Documents indicating the reason for entry: For business purpose: Ø    A copy of a work permit or a certificate ...
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