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2013.02.05-12 Thailand participated in the 64th Sapporo Snow Festival and the 40th International Snow Sculpture Contest

... 40th International Snow Sculpture Contest. The result of the contest announced on 8 February 2013, in which Thailand’s team won the 1st prize for their piece “The Artist from the Wild”, the statue of 4 elephants drawing a picture. This is the 4th time that Thailand won the prize from this Contest. Thailand was selected to be the theme country for the Sapporo Snow Festival for the 4th time.  Last time was in 2007 when the two countries celebrated the 120th anniversary of Japan - Thailand diplomatic relationship....

The 1st Thai Festival in Saga

... opening ceremony, Ambassador Bansarn expresses his appreciation to Governor Yamaguchi for placing importance on the cooperation with Thailand. Thanks to the Governor’s effort, nowadays Saga prefecture as well as its local products are very well known in Thailand. At the same time, the Thai Festival in Saga can also play important part to raise awareness on Thailand among the people in Saga in all dimensions as the festival brings all the charms of Thailand to display in Saga, namely the foods, local products, tourism spots ...

2013.03.19 Thai food school lunch at Yagumodai elementary school in Chofu City

... join their school lunch.  The menu for the day was Thai food, which the school planned as part of their dietary education projects.  After Embassy members observed several classes, they enjoyed the lunch with students at 4th grade.  During lunch time, they also introduced Thailand and Thai food via school broadcasiting programme.  The school has conducted school lunch project of “world food” and “Japan local food” once a month since 4 years ago and the Thai Embassy cooperated with the school in planning the Thai ...

Statement by the Prime Minister on 25 March 2020 regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

... This time will bring pain and hardships for all of us and this crisis will test our unity and resilience. But now is also the time to bring out the best in each other, through our courage, our kindness to one another, and the sacrifices that we have to ... ... the kindness and unity of the Thai people. As Prime Minister, I pledge to you all that I will do everything I can so that Thailand can overcome this crisis. The safety and well-being of the Thai people are the most important. Therefore, I ask all ...

The Ambassador presided over the Shoyu Day Reception Party

On 1 October 2018, Ambassador Bansarn Bunnag gave an opening remarks together with H.E. Mr. Ken Saito, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (at that time) at the Royal Park Hotel. On this occasion, the Ambassador expressed that Shoyu is popular in Thailand and is also good as a seasoning for Thai cuisine. On 1 October 2018, Ambassador Bansarn Bunnag gave an opening remarks together with H.E. Mr. Ken Saito, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (at that time) at the Royal Park Hotel....

Thailand's History

... had considered the eventuality of altering such form of government to the people at an appropriate moment. Popular readiness, the King believed, was an important Ingredient to success for such transition. It was only a matter of waiting for the right time. On 10 December 1932, His Majesty King Prajadhipok signed Thailand first constitution and thus ended 700 years of Thailand absolute monarchy. Despite the number of successive constitutions that followed in the span of just over half a century, the basic concepts of constitutional government and monarchy laid ...

Updated : Information for Travelers from Japan ( 27 March 2020 )

... government. 4. The immigration officers have the power to deny the entry of Non-Thai nationals who have been tested positive for COVID-19, or under the suspicion of being infected or who refused to undergo such test. 5. From now to 31 March 2020 midnight, Thailand local time, the exemption is given to Non-Thai passengers transiting through Thailand to a third country with the transit time of no more than 24 hours. Such transit passengers are required to present Fit to Fly health Certificate upon check in at the airport ...

Royal Patronage of a people and a culture

... her endeavors. Through encouraging and providing the means for the rural poor to revive old hadicrafts, the Queen shows a way for families to secure a source of valuable supplementary income while, at the same time, a fresh lease of life is given to time-honored crafts that may otherwise die out. The origins of Queen Sirikit’s specific involvement with indigenous handicrafts dates from the early 1970s, where a disastrous flood in Thailand’s northeast region destroyed crops and caused widespread misery and deprivation. Their Majesties visited the stricken area and provided food and other necessities for the immediate relief of the flood victims, but the tragedy remained indelibly ...

Ambassador visits GMMTV Exhibition in Japan

... GMMTV Exhibition in Japan”at the Roppongi Keyakizaka Museum in Tokyo. This “GMMTV Exhibition in Japan”, on 8 famous actors from 4 GMMTV series,was organised under the cooperation between GMMTV Co., Ltd. and TV Asahi Corporation. This is the first time that this kind of exhibition is exhibited outside Thailand. Apart from Tokyo, the exhibition will be displayed in Hakata, Sendai, Osaka and Nagoya. On 22 April 2021, Mr. IMAI Yutaka, Corporate Director of TV Asahi Corporation, welcomed Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun for visiting “the GMMTV ...

CAAT Notification on Conditions for International Flight Permit to Thailand (No.2)

...  (5) Repatriation flights                    (6) Cargo flights                    (7) Passenger flights carrying the persons permitted to enter Thailand as prescribed in 3.                    3. The entry into Thailand of the persons of any of the following types, by aircraft, shall be permitted, provided that they comply with the conditions, time limits and rules of the authorized persons under the Thai immigration law, communicable diseases law, air navigation law, and the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situation, for the prevention of the spread of disease and the ...
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