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2013.05.06-09 เอกอัครราชทูตฯ เข้าร่วมงาน Thai Night ณ จังหวัดฟุกุโอกะ

... ได้เดินทางเยือนภูมิภาคคิวชูซึ่งอยู่ทางตอนใต้ของประเทศญี่ปุ่น เพื่อเข้าร่วมเปิดและกล่าวปาฐกถาพิเศษ “Importance of the bilateral relationship between Thailand and Japan” ในงาน “The Symposium on Kyushu-Thailand Mutual Tourism Exchange” ซึ่งร่วมจัดสำนักงานกระทรวงที่ดิน สาธารณูปโภค คมนาคม ...

Ambassador paid a courtesy call on Minister of Health, Welfare and Labour

On 26 March 2015, Ambassador Sihasak Phuangketkeow paid  a courtesy call on Mr. Yasuhisa Shiozaki , Minister of Health, Welfare and Labour and  Chairman of Japan-Thailand Friendship Association at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour. Mr. Shiozaki expressed a warm welcome to his old friend and he was happy that he was back again. They both agreed to cooperate closely in order to strengthen the relationship between Thai and Japan.

World Meeting at Fuji Television

          On 15 December 2010, Mr. Singtong Lapisatepun, Minister, provides a lecture on Japan-Thailand relationship and current situation of Thailand, as invited by Fuji Television at Fuji Television office in Odaiba, Tokyo. The Fuji Television has been regularly organized an activity called “The World Meeting” programme to allow its staffs and employees ...

Lecture for the delegation from the National Defense College by H.E. Ambassador Sihasak

... Japanese security policy. Ambassador Sihasak along with defence and air attache, GP Captain Porramet Kasriwat also gave a lecture on the current Japanese government’s policies, security policy, the challenges of current Japanese Government and the relationship between Japan and ASEAN as well as Thailand and Japan.

Chargés d'affaires visited Nenbutsushuu Sampozan Muryujuji

... Thai Embassy, Tokyo and Mr. Dusit Manapan, Consul-General of the Kingdom of Thailand in Osaka, On 18 th January 2016, Mr. Bhakavat Tanskul, Chargés d'affaires of the Royal Thai Embassy, Tokyo and Mr. Dusit Manapan, Consul-General of the Kingdom of Thailand in Osaka, visited the Nenbutsushu Sampozan Muryujuji in Hyogo Prefecture, which is the host temple that holds the World Buddhist Summit every year. This visit aimed to strengthen close relationships and also increase cooperation in promoting the Buddhist religion in the future.

10.13 Thailand-Japan Rocket Festival

... including Yasothon Deputy Governor, Mayor, and officers and Tourism Authority of Thailand, joined the welcome reception for Thailand-Japan Rocket Festival in Chichibu City, Saimata Prefecture. The Chargé d’Affairs gave an opening speech at the evening ... ... Municipality and Chichibu City have been participating in their cultural exchange program, leading to the establishment of their relationship as sister countries in 2001.  Since then, the two cities have been active in cultural exchange activities.

Ambassador visited Kanagawa Prefecture

On 8 September 2015, Ambassador Sihasak Phuangketkeow visited Kanagawa Prefecture according to the invitation from Japan-Thailand Goodwill Federation in Kanagawa prefecture. The Ambassador gave a briefing about the relationship between Thailand and Japan, including political and economic situation in Thailand. On this occasion,  the Ambassador met with Mr. Yuji Kuroiwa, Kanagawa Governor, Mr. Ryusuke Doi , Chairperson of the Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly and Mr. Hideshi Suzuki, Vice ...

2013.10.30 Students from NIYE 2013 Junior Program visited the Embassy

... October 2013, 10 students from the NIYE 2013 Junior Program (Invitation for Junior High School Students in ASEAN Member Countries for Youth Exchange Project), led by Mr. Theeraphol Pitackchartwong, the attendant of the group, attended a briefing about Thailand-Japan relations at the Embassy. The students are currently studying in junior high school. The purpose of the program is to study about Japanese culture and strengthen the relationship between Japan and ASEAN member countries and programmes were held in Gifu and Tokyo during 22 October - 1 November 2013. The NIYE 2013 Junior Program is run under the National Institution for Youth Education, Japan.

Ambassador Virasakdi paid a courtesy call on Mayor of Saitama city and lectured at the Saitama – Thai Friendship Association

... the president, in the occasion of the 12th general assembly of the Association at Kawagoe Tobu Hotel. On 22 June 2010, Ambassador Virasakdi paid a courtesy call on Mr. Hayato Shimizu, Mayor of Saitama city and discussed about the strengthening of relationship of between Saitama city and Thailand’s government and private sectors, as well as the support for Thai people in Saitama prefecture.

2014.05.24 Minister gave special lecture at Chuo University Suginami High School

... Suginami High School to lecture its 30 students on Thailand’s current situation and history as a part of the subject “Introduction to International Cooperation for High School Students and Problem Solution Learning”.  Minister also touched upon Thailand-Japan’s close relationship in diverse aspects including economy, trade, and exchange between people. The lecture was under an international cooperation experience program co-organized by the university, JICA and Zensho Holdings Co.,Ltd. The students under this program ...
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