About Visa

Time to apply for visa


The result of visa application will be announced on the next two working days. 
  • Only Japanese citizens can requests for passport(s) to be returned by mail. 

  • Non-Japanese applicant holding passports of 1. Afghanistan 2. Bangladesh 3. Egypt 4. Iran 5. North Korea 6. Libya 7. Nigeria 8. Palestine 9. Sudan 10. Yemen 11. Cameroon 12. Congo 13. Republic of Congo 14. Equatorial Guinea 15. Guinea 16. Algeria 17. China 18. India 19. Iraq 20. Lebanon 21. Nepal 22. Pakistan 23. Sri Lanka 24. Syria 25. Ghana 26. Central African Republic 27. Somalia 28. Sao Tome and Principe 29. Liberia 30. Sierra Leone 31. Saudi Arabia(latest updated:2015.11.30) cannot apply for any category of visa at the Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo, unless the applicant acquires permanent residence / long-term / specific visa to legally residing in Japan.

  • Visa and administrative processes for applicant holding passport of Afghanistan, North Korea, Iraq, Syria, and Libya generally takes 30 - 60 days. 

  • Non-Japanese applicant holding passports of Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, Palestine, Sudan, Yemen, Cameroon, Congo, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Algeria, China, India , Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Central African Republic, Somalia, Sao Tome and Principe, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia (latest updated:2015.11.30)The visa's issuance will take up to 10 working days.

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