Type of Visa

**Non-immigrant-ED (Education)

Non Immigrant ED Visa(Education

(1. For purposes of study / training / attending short – term courses in the government offices / state enterprises / international organizations / registered academic institutions under Ministry of Education.

2. For purposes of attending meetings or religious activities arranged by business / private entities in Thailand.)

Note : Currently, unofficial courses such as language courses, boxing classes, etc. are not applicable. 

※Required documents for applying a visa in the periods of Coronavirus COVID – 19 outbreak※ 

1.      Valid Passport: Valid for no less than 6 months and has at least TWO completely empty pages.

2.      Application form:Completely filled in and signed by the applicant.(The form can download here.)

3.      One color photo (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm.)Please attach the photo to the form with glue.

4.      Personal history form: Completely filled in and signed by the applicant.(The form can download here.)

5.      An original admission confirmation letter / an invitation letter:PDF copy or fax copy is not acceptable.

* The letter must have the institution/inviter's letter head with official seal and contain the applicant's name, purpose ofvisit, date of entry, length of stay and type of visa,and signed by the authorized person(s).

6. An original letter of recommendation from the educational institution in Japan:
       PDF copy or fax copy is 
not acceptable.

     *The letter must have the institution's letter head with official seal and contain the applicant's name,

   purpose of visit, length of stay, date of entry ,

   type of visa and signed by the authorized person.

** In the absence of letter of recommendation from the educational institution in Japan, an original guarantee letter must be presented together with a copy of guarantor's passport or driving license duly signed by the guarantor.

*** A guarantor must be twenty (20) years of age or older, legally residing in Japan, must be able to confirm the applicant's personal attributes (such as name, age, physical description and some personal information). A guarantor must be available to be contacted by the Embassy and must not be a person who will accompany to Thailand with applicant.(The form can be downloaded here.)

7.  Applicant who is under 20 years oldplease provide following documents;

7.1 An original guarantee letter from parents or guardians, attached by a copy of guarantor's passport or

 driving license or ID card duly signed by the guarantor.                                        

7.2 An original Household Registration (KOSEKITOHON) issued within 3 months, or for non-Japanese

applicant an original Resident Registration (JYUMINHYO).

8.      Applicant who wishes to study at international school/ institute, an original letter of approval issued by
competent authority of Thailand such as the Office of Private Education Commission, must be submitted.

9.   Airline ticket or confirmation slip which is issued by airline’s office ,with applicants name , flight number as well as date of entry

Additional documents for non-Japanese applicant:

10.      A copy of resident card or certificate of alien registration which is valid for at least 3 months. For those who are currently applying for renewal of residence card, please submit a copy of acceptance of renewal issued by Immigration Bureau of Japan. The applicant is also required to present the original documents of identification upon submitting visa application.

11.      For applicants holding passports of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, North Korea, Libya, Palestine, Sudan, Yemen, Cameroon, Congo, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Algeria, China, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Ghana, Central African Republic, Somalia, Sao Tome and Principe, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia, please submit three (3) color photos and three (3) copies of application forms which are duly filled and signed.

12.      For applicants holding passport of Nigeria and Iran, please submit four (4) color photos and four (4) copies of application forms which are duly filled and signed. 


The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents as deemed necessary and reserves the right to reject an application without providing any reasons.

In case that visa application is rejected, the application will not be refunded and submitted documents will not be returned to applicant.

■ Processing time: 2 working days, exception for the applicants of no. 11-12 processing time: 2 – 60 working days (After submitting the application, if no additional document is requested, the passport with visa will be sent out from the Embassy by post on the next day (pay delivery fee upon delivery)

■ Nigerian national is required for additional Clearance Certificate by NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency) in Nigeria, certified by Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and legalized by Royal Thai Embassy Abuja, Nigeria.

Visa processing fee is 9,000 Yen for single entry. (CASH only)

21 December 2020

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