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Flight to Thailand for “Members of Diplomatic Missions, Consular Representatives and International Organisations (DCIOs) in Thailand” in October 2020

Flight to Thailand for Members of DCIOs in Thailand and government representatives, as well as their spouse, parents, and children Flight to Thailand for “Members of Diplomatic Missions, Consular Representatives and International Organisations (DCIOs) ...

Ambassador welcomes a person with a disability under the 2020 Japan Barrier-Free Project.

... diplomats' spouses chose to provide donation from the Asia-Pacific Ladies Friendship Society (ALFS) to the Pakjit Pakjai Project in Chiang Mai Province, which teaches the Japanese "Sashiko" embroidery technique to the visually impaired people in Thailand. Such technique is used by Japanese women to embroider clothes at night without any lights from candles, lamps, nor electricity in the old time. The same technique can therefore be practiced and create income for the visually impaired people....

** ELITE Visa

【ELITE Visa】 ※ For applying a visa during the periods of Coronavirus COVID – 19 outbreak※ An applicant must first contact Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd. , Telephone no.:+66-2352-3000, or access to in order to receive a permission to enter to the Kingdom from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.

**エリートビザ (Elite Visa)

... ※新型コロナウィルスによる入国制限の措置が実施されている期間中の申請手続きは以下の通りです。通常時とは異なりますのでご注意ください※ タイ大使館は、タイ外務省の許可が下りた者のみエリートビザを発行します。タイ外務省の許可申請、ビザ申請に必要な書類、予約方法については、 Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.(Telephone : +66 -2352-3000、へお問合せください。

Vice-Minister of Policy Coordination, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) pays a courtesy call on Ambassador

On 9 September 2020, Mr. YOSHIDA Mabito, Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination (International Affairs), Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), paid a courtesy call on Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun. Their discussion focused on Thailand- Japan cooperation on 5G, cybersecurity, and smart city. Vice-Minister YOSHIDA was also seeking Thailand’s support for Japanesecandidaturefor the position of the next of Director General of Universal Postal Union (UPU). On 9 September 2020,...

Representative Executive Officer (Co-COO), responsible for ASEAN and Oceania, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, paid a courtesy call on the Ambassador

... Motors. Ambassador also express his condolence on the passing of Mr. MASUKO Osamu, Special Advisor and Former Chairman of the Board of Mitsubishi Motors, as well as expressed his appreciation for Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s endeavor to invest in Thailand for 60 years and reaffirm Thailand’s support for the Company.

**ノンイミグラント-B (就労/ワーキング)

...  ・ 見本2     B.  タイ労働福祉省雇用部門発行の The letter of consideration of` Work Permit“Form WP 3” のコピー ※ 見本       C.    タイ投資委員会(BOI)もしくはIndustrial Estate Authority of Thailand(IEAT)からの ビザ申請承認状のコピー  ※見本1(BOI) ・ 見本2   (ฺBOI)    ※見本(IEAT)                  〈日本国籍以外の申請者の追加書類〉            1.   在留カードのコピー ...

**Non-immigrant-O (spouse/ dependent of foreigner legally works in the Kingdom)

... cm.) : Please attach the photo on the form with glue. 4.        Personal history form completely filled in and signed by the applicant. (The form can download   here ) 5.         An original letter of invitation from company / employer in Thailand where the applicant’s spouse or applicant’s immediate family member works for .: PDF, copy or fax is not accepted .   * The letter must be in the company's letter head with company's seal and contains the applicant's name/as applicant’s ...
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