Japan’s participation in ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting


Japan’s participation in ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting


1 FM Kishida’s remarks at the 12th ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM FMM12) ;

- On climate change and a new framework to be discussed at COP21, FM Kishida pointed out the importance of including reviews of long term goal and emission reduction target on regular basis and perspective of assistance to developing countries.

- On future of ASEM, FM Kishida stated that, ahead of the 20th anniversary of ASEM next year, Japan commended activities of ASEM and continued to attach great importance to ASEM’s feature of informality and flexibility of dialogues and cooperation.

- On global and regional affairs, FM Kishida touched upon Japan’s position over the situation in Ukraine and concerns over the situations in South China Sea and East China Sea as well as over DPRK in relation to the abduction issue of Japanese nationals. FM Kishida pointed out the necessity that the international community should respond to these issues based on the principle of rule of law.

2 Gist of Bilateral Meetings on the sidelines of ASEM FMM12

2.1 Japan-Germany meeting held on 5 November 2015;

- FM Kishida held talks with German FM Dr. Steinmeier, during which theydiscussed the situation in Ukraine, migration issue and bilateral cooperation in UNSC reforms.

- FM Kishida also explained Japan’s basic position on the recent East Asian affairs. With regard to South China Sea, FM Kishida called for settling the issue based on international laws and sought understanding for Japan’s position.

2.2 Japan-Luxemburg meeting held on 5 November 2015;

- FM Kishida held talks with FM Asselborn, during which they agreed on importance of reaching a broad agreement on Japan-EU EPA and an early conclusion of the Japan-EU Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) within this year. FM Kishida also sought FM Asselborn’s cooperation on EU’s easing/lifting ban on import of food and other products in Fukushima Prefecture.

2.3 Japan-Pakistan meeting held on 5 November 2015;

- FM Kishida held talks with Mr. Aziz, Advisor to PM on Foreign Affairs, during which FM Kishida stated that Japan would support Pakistan’s efforts in economic and fiscal reforms and expressed Japan’s intention to extend support for the area of electric power and eradication of polio which are two major priority challenges facing Pakistan.

- On economic cooperation, they agreed to develop economic exchanges including trade and investment, such as through “Pakistan-Japan Government Business Joint Dialogue” to be held for the first time in three and a half years in Islamabad in November 2015.

2.4 Japan-EU meeting held on 4 November 2015;

- On East Asian affairs, FM Kishida stated that Japan, China, and ROK had a major responsibility for the regional peace and prosperity as well as for the stability in the international community and that the trilateral cooperation process had recently been restored following the Trilateral Summit held on 1 November 2015. Ms. Mogherini, the High Representative of EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Vice-President of European Commission, welcomed the recent development. FM Kishida also explained Japan’s basic position on the situation in East Asia including SCS and DPRK. With regard to South China Sea, FM Kishida pointed out the importance of settling the issue based on international laws.

- On Japan-EU relations, they agreed to further cooperate with each other to deal with security, economic as well as global challenges. FM Kishida explained the enactment of the security legislation in Japan, to which Ms. Mogherini expressed expectation for Japan’s further making contributions to the international peace and security. They also agreed to accelerate the negotiations for Japan-EU EPA.

3 Japan plus V4 FMs’ Meeting held on 5 November 2015;

- The 6th Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Visegrad Group plus Japan was held with the participation of FMs from Japan andV4 countries, namely, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, and Poland. (Japan and V4 countries have been promoting dialogues at various levels since 2004. The first Leaders’ Summit was held in 2013 in Warsaw in which PM Abe participated.)

- On V4 plus Japan cooperation, FMs highly valued theV4 plus Japan Exchange Year in 2014 that had commemorated the 10th anniversary of V4 plus Japan cooperation. They agreed to further promote people-to-people exchanges and also shared the view that the field of science and technology was a particularly promising area of cooperation, welcoming that the five V4 plus Japan joint research projects had been adopted under MOC on Science and Technological Cooperation.

- FMs also discussed global challenges including migration issue, situation in Ukraine, maritime security, UN reforms and climate change. As for maritime security, it was stated in the Joint Press Statement that “the Ministers continue to observe the situations in the East and South China Seas and are concerned by any unilateral actions that change the status quo and increase tensions”.

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