Japan’s participation in APEC


Japan’s participation in APEC


1. Participation of PM Abe (during 18-19 November 2015)

1.1 Major remarks by PM Abe at APEC;

- Abenomics is now in the second stage and realizing a society in which all citizens are dynamically engaged is the important keyword for the second stage. Fruits of Abenomics will be delivered to women, young people, and persons with disabilities by implementing policies for them. Promotion of women’s participation in the society is a key to economic development in the region. Japan will contribute to inclusive economic growth in the region by achieving strong domestic economy.

- Strengthening of rule of law in economic area is an important keyword for quality growth and prosperity.

- Economic integration in the region presents opportunities for SMEs to tap into global market. To this end, Japan is working on measures to improve investment environment and enhancement of resilience to disasters as well as strengthening of finance for SMEs.

- On TPP, it will bring a new economic order to Asia-Pacific region and such order could be basis in creating new rules towards FTAAP. Negotiations on RCEP should also be accelerated.

- On anti-terrorism measures, terrorism is a threat to economic activities and Japan will closely coordinate with the international community in fighting against terrorism.

1.2 Bilateral Meetings;

1.2.1 Japan-Canada meeting held on 18 November 2015:

- PM Abe held talks with Canadian PM Trudeau for the first time since PM Trudeau took office in November 2015, during which they highly evaluated the broad agreement on TPP negotiations and agreed to further deepen bilateral economic relations. PM Abe stated that TPP was strategically meaningful in terms of making contributions to the peace and stability in the region.

- On cooperation in energy, PM Abe sought support from PM Trudeau to realize an early start of LNG export from Canada to Japan and to further improve business environment in Canada. PM Trudeau stated that energy industry, including LNG, was an important industry to Canada and the country would welcome Japanese investment in the industry.

1.2.2 Japan-US meeting held on 19 November 2015;

- On TPP, PM Abe and President Obama confirmed that it would be important for member countries to ratify it at an early date.

- On regional affairs, President Obama highly valued the recently held trilateral summit among China, Japan and ROK and US supported such dialogues. President Obama also expressed his strong support for the first summit between PM Abe and President Park. On the situation in South China Sea, PM Abe expressed Japan’s support for US’ “freedom of navigation” operations.

- On Japan-US cooperation in the region, PM Abe stated that coordination with ASEAN was indispensable and cooperation with Australia and India respectively was strategically important. To this end, PM Abe stated that he would like to deepen coordination among Japan, US and India. (Note: PM Abe will be visiting India from 11 December 2015).

1.2.3 Japan-the Philippines meeting held on 19 November 2015;

- On political and security issues, PM Abe told President Aquino that he welcomed the agreement in principle concerning the transfer of defence equipment and technology and explained that he would aim for a prompt signing as well as accelerate considerations for the realization of equipment cooperation in the maritime security.

- On economic issues, President Aquino expressed the Philippines’ interest in participating in TPP, which PM Abe welcomed the interest.

- The two leaders also agreed to closely cooperate for a success of the visit to the Philippines by TM the Emperor and the Empress at the beginning of 2016.

- PM Abe informed that Japan will provide the Yen loan for the usages of the promotion of agri-business, peace building and the projects for the promotion of economic growth in the Philippines, value of 14,784 million Yen with the interest rate of 1.4% and redemption period of 25 years.

- In addition, during the meeting, both leaders witnessed the signing and exchange of 2 documents between H.E. Albert F. Del Rosario, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines and the Ambassador of Japan to the Philippines, which are (1) the Yen loan document for the North-South railway project in the Philippines, value of 241,991 million Yen with the interest rate of 0.1% and redemption period of 40 years, and (2) the Agreement between Japan and the Philippines on Social Security

2. Participation of FM Kishida (during 16-17 November 2015)

2.1 Major remarks by Japan in APEC Ministerial Meeting;

- On broad agreement on TPP, it is a big progress towards realization of FTAAP and it also projects the direction that FTAAP should take. Early signing and entry into force of TPP are imperative. In the future, expansion of TPP membership as well as acceleration of negotiations for RCEP is also important.

- Japan will contribute to the enhancement of the regional connectivity through Japan’s initiative of quality infrastructure.

- For inclusive growth through sustainable and resilient community, Japan aims to realize a society in which all citizens are dynamically engaged. As part of efforts for empowerment of women, Japan informed that the country had hosted World Assembly for Women in Tokyo: WAW! 2015 held during 28-29 August 2015 in Tokyo.

2.2 Bilateral Meetings;

2.2.1 Japan-the Philippines meeting held on 16 November 2015;

- On overall bilateral relations, following the outcome of the visit to Japan by President Aquino in June 2015, FM Kishida and FM del Rosario agreed to further cooperate in strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries. FM del Rosario stated that the bilateral relationship between Japan and the Philippines was in the best shape ever. They also agreed to cooperate in making the visit to the Philippines by the Emperor and the Empress at the beginning of 2016 a success.

- On South China Sea, FM Kishida stated that Japan supported peaceful resolution of conflicts based on international laws and closely monitored the development of arbitration proceedings between China and the Philippines.

2.2.2 Japan-Canada meeting held on 16 November 2015;

- FM Kishida and FM Dion agreed that, with the G7 FMs’ Meeting to be held in Hiroshima in April 2016 in mind, Japan and Canada would closely cooperate as partners that shared fundamental values.

- They also affirmed significant benefits of TPP and agreed to further develop trade and investment between the two countries.

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