PM Abe’s participation in COP21


PM Abe’s participation in COP21


1. Participation of PM Abe

1.1 Gist of PM Abe’s speech at the Summit Plenary Session on 30 November 2015;

- To support developing countries’ efforts in dealing with climate change, Japan will provide approximately 1.3 trillion yen in annual fiscal aid by 2020, from public and private sectors, which is 1.3 times up from the current level.

- Innovative technologies play the key role in dealing with climate change while maintaining economic growth. Such technologies are technology to produce, store, and transport hydrogen as an energy source to realize CO2-free societies, and an enhanced next-generation battery for electric vehicles to run five times farther than the current level.

- Japan will draw up the “Energy and Environment Innovation Strategy” by spring 2016 and will identify prospective areas for further research and development.

2. Bilateral Meetings

2.1 Japan-Israel meeting held on 30 November 2015:

- On economic cooperation, PM Abe and PM Netanyahu confirmed the progress of negotiations for Japan-Israel Investment Agreement and the progress of cooperation in research and development in the area of industry.

- On Middle East peace, PM Abe expressed concerns over the chain of violence and also urged to cease settlement activities.

2.2 Japan-France meeting held on 30 November 2015;

- On climate change, PM Abe and President Hollande agreed on the necessity of a fair and effective post-Kyoto framework in which all countries participate.

- On anti-terrorism measures, PM Abe, as the chair of the G7 next year, reiterated Japan’s commitment to engaging in counterterrorism through close cooperation with relevant countries.

- PM Abe also held a meeting with PM Valls on the same day, during which PM Abe asked cooperation of France for an early conclusion of the agreement of Japan-EU EPA.

2.3 Japan-India meeting held on 30 November 2015;

- PM Abe and PM Modi agreed to cooperate as special strategic partners in the area of climate change. They also exchanged views on possible outcomes of the planned visit to India by PM Abe, such as security and economic cooperation.

2.4 PM Abe’s visit to Luxembourg on 1 December 2015;

- After the COP21 Summit Meeting, PM Abe visited Luxembourg on 1 December 2015 where he had a summit meeting with PM Bettel, a meeting with Mr. Mars Di Bartolomeo, President of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg, and an audience with HRH Grand Duke Henri.

- During the meeting with PM Bettel, PM Abe expressed his hope for further expansion of the two way investment, stating that he was conducting reforms to make Japan business-friendly nation in the world. PM Bettel expressed his strong interest in strengthening of economic relations with Japan, citing that Luxembourg was the gateway of Europe, even though it was a small country.

- On Japan-EU relations, PM Abe expressed his appreciation to PM Bettel for Luxembourg’s successfully having hosted ASEM in November 2015. They agreed to work towards an early conclusion of the Japan-EU EPA and Strategic Partnership Agreement in 2016. PM Abe also requested PM Bettel’s cooperation in further easing of import restrictions imposed on food products from Fukushima Prefecture.

- On UNSC reforms, Japan welcomed the appointment of Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Luxembourg to UN as the Chair of the Intergovernmental Negotiations on UNSC reform. PM Bettel expressed his support for the necessity of UNSC reform as well as for Japan’s becoming a permanent member of UNSC, citing that the international community significantly changed after 70 years.

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