Ambassador of Thailand attends the Opening Ceremony of "Animal Wonder Rezourt-Ichihara Elephant Country"


On 23 March, 2021, Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun and spouse, together with Team Thailand officials, attended the Opening Ceremony of “Animal Wonder Rezourt-Ichihara Elephant Country” at Animal Wonder Rezourt, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture. 

Currently, Animal Wonder Rezourt is home to 12 elephants, the largest number in Japan, including four from Thailand and others from Africa and India. Not only the visitors can learn about the elephants and other animals, but can also experience the Thai atmosphere, enjoy Thai food and products at the zoo. The Tourism Authority of Thailand also supports the zoo in establishing a Thai museum to promote tourist attractions in Thailand. Japanese people would feel like traveling to Thailand without having to fly to Thailand, but just one and a half hour away from Tokyo. Animal Wonder Rezourt is a concrete initiative that further strengthens the relations between Thailand and Japan, especially at the people to people level.

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