Ambassador Singtong welcomes Japanese tourists to the Amazing Thailand Virtual Flight with JAL


On 15 May 2021, H.E. Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun gave a welcoming remark for the Japanese passengers who joined the “Amazing Thailand Virtual Flight with JAL”, which was organised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Japan Airlines and the Narita International Airport. He then joined 161 passengers to board on Flight JL9999 departing from Narita Airport to enjoy Japan’s scenery from a bird’s eye view in a Thai atmosphere. 
Before boarding the aircraft, H.E. Ambassador together with Mr. Seksan Sripraiwan, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand placed a special immigration stamp on specially-made passports for this flight for the participating passengers. Then, Boeing 767-300ER brought all passengers flying in an 8-shape route over Niigata and other prefectures in Tohoku area up to Hokkaido before returning to Narita. In-flight activities include Thai food serving on board, video presentation on famous tourist spots in Thailand, as well as lucky draw. These passengers also received special souvenirs from Thailand upon their arrival back to the Narita Airport.
The Virtual Flight not only allowed the Japanese passengers to feel like having a chance to go to Thailand, but also aimed to encourage Japanese tourists to continue to travel to Thailand after the global COVID-19 outbreak has been contained. All in all, this virtual flight activity purposedly keep Thailand to remain in the Japanese hearts.  

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