Ambassador held a discussion with Taisei Corporation


On 7 July 2022, Mr. YOSHINO Takashi, Head of Marketing and Sales Department, Taisei Corporation and Mr. KOBAYASHI Naoki, Section Chief of Marketing and Sales Department, paid a courtesy call on H.E. Mr. Singtong Lapisatepun, Ambassador of Thailand to Japan, to express interest in involvement in the construction of Thailand Pavilion at the Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai.

The Ambassador shared information that the main theme of the event "Designing Future Society for Our Lives" is in line with Thailand's Medical Tourism policy. Therefore, the Expo 2025 will provide a promising venue to promote Thailand's potential in this area. The Ambassador also explained that the Thai Pavilion will be built based on the 5R concept – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, and Reject.

The Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai will be held in Yumeshima, an artificial island in the Osaka Bay area, from 13 April – 13 October 2025.

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