Ambassador attended the annual meeting of the Yamagata-Thailand Friendship Association


On 31 October 2022, H.E. Mr. Singtong Lapisatepun, Ambassador of Thailand to Japan, attended the annual meeting of the Yamagata-Thailand Friendship Association held at Yamagata Grand Hotel and gave a lecture on the future trend of bilateral exchanges between Thailand and Japan after the COVID-19 pandemic. Ambassador attended a dinner hosted by the Friendship Association afterwards.

Ambassador expressed his appreciation to Mr. SAGAE Hiroji, President of Yamagata-Thailand Friendship Association and President of Yamagata Newspaper, for the warm hospitality extended to the delegation. Ambassador was very pleased to be able to finally attend the annual meeting of the Association as he had not been able to visit the Prefecture during the last two years due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mr. SAGAE and the Association agreed to visit Thailand for the second time in 2023 with an aim to promote Yamagata Prefecture to Thai people. They also planned to organise a Thai Fair to promote Thai products in Yamagata Prefectureand to promote Thai restaurants in Yamagata to apply for the Thai Select certification.

During the dinner, presentation about cooperation on Muay Thai in Yamagata Prefecture and the exchange of students from the Faculty of Agriculture between Yamagata University and Chiang Mai University in Thailand were given to the participants.

Prior to the meeting with the Friendship Association, Ambassador also gave an interview to Yamagata Newspaper about the return of Thai tourists to Japan, the possibility of resumption of the direct flight between Bangkok-Sendai that will connect Tohoku Region with Thailand. Cooperation with the Yamagata-Thailand Friendship Association to promote trade Investment and tourism between each other was also touched upon. Mr. SAGAE participated during the interview as well.

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