Minister Counsellor attended a briefing on the outcomes of the JENESYS 2022


On 12 December 2022, Minister Counsellor Romdej Phisalaphong attended a briefing on the outcomes of the JENESYS 2022 Japan - ASEAN AOIP - FOIP project at Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel. The project was organised by the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE). Six of the total 77 participants from different countries were Thai university students and graduates namely 1. Ms. Nichapa Amphol 2. Ms. Solya Sanchaiworanan 3. Ms. Manasanan Wongchaiya 4. Ms. Nisa Kanitthasunthon 5. Ms Irin Julajaturasirarat 6 Tunwarat Kaewthong.
Before coming to Japan between 6 – 13 December 2022, JENESYS 2022 participants took part in a webinar titled “Policy recommendations on Free and Open Indo-Pacific”. In Japan, the students went on a field trip to Shizuoka and other prefectures in the Tohoku region to learn about ocean plastic waste management. They also learned about Japanese culture by attending a tea ceremony and visiting the temple in the Asakusa district.
On this occasion, the Minister Counsellor advised the students to put the knowledge gained from this programme to good use and to continue their relations with fellow students.

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