Ambassador of Thailand strengthens relations with Kita Kyushu


On 26 January 2023, Mr. KUBOTA Koji, Executive Director of International Affairs Department, Kita Kyushu City, together with his delegation, paid a courtesy call on Mr. Singtong Lapisatepun, Ambassador of Thailand to Japan, to introduce Kita Kyushu in various aspects such as logistics, environment, and international technical cooperation.

Both sides exchanged views on cooperation between Thailand and Kita Kyushu, notably cooperation in relation to industrial sector which has positively contributed to development in Thailand’s industrial sector. They also touched upon cooperation on tackling a climate change problem in order to move towards a zero-carbon society as well as on human resource development in Thailand. As for the latter, the Ambassador pointed out the Japanese KOSEN framework and the internship project by Panyapiwat Institute of Management that involves sending students to acquire experience in SMEs in Kita Kyushu.

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