Minister Counsellor attended a Reporting Session of the JENESYS


On 1 August 2023, Mr. Romdej Phisalaphong, Minister Counsellor, attended the Reporting Session of the JENESYS ASEAN-Japan High School Students Exchange: Commemoration the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation at Kikai Shinko Kaikan, Tokyo. The program was organized by the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE).

There were seven Thai high school students participating in this program, namely (1) Ms. Kunlaphon Sakeaw (2) Ms. Thapawee Srijuntong (3) Ms. Piyathida Auifujai (4) Ms. Pornbavee Muanreed (5) Mr. Nobphadon Koedmak (6) Ms. Supawadee Tongkam and (7) Ms. Achara Dangtad.

JENESYS participants took part in an online webinar titled “The 50th year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation and its Future Prospect” and visited Japan from 25 July to 2 August 2023.

The students also learned about Japanese culture through a homestay with Japanese host families and visits to many historical places including Hokoji Temple in Aomori, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology in Aichi, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, Tochigi Prefectural Museum in Tochigi etc.
Mr. Romdej advised the students to make best use of knowledge gained from this program, make friends with fellow students, and keep in touch with them.

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