Minister Counsellor attended a Reporting Session of the JENESYS


On 11 September 2023, Mr. Romdej Phisalaphong, Minister Counsellor, attended the Reporting Session of "JENESYS" Thai-Japan Agriculture Exchange for University and High School Students project, organised by the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) at the L Stay & Glow Hotel in Tokyo Metropolitan. There were 14 Thai representatives attending the session, including high school and university students as well as representatives from the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

The "JENESYS" project aimed to encourage participants to experience Japanese culture through various activities. The students were given opportunities to stay with a Japanese host family and to visit sightseeing places in Shizuoka Prefecture. The topic of “agriculture” was first introduced this year, which allowed the students to get a hand-on experience in agricultural farms and learn about latest Japanese agricultural technology.

During the briefing, Mr. Romdej gave advice to the students to make use of the knowledge they learnt from this experience, especially how to effectively use the SNS media.

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