Mitsubishi Motors Executives Bids Farewell on the Ambassador’s Retirement


On 14 September 2023, Mitsubishi Motors executives, led by Mr. TSUJI Noboru, Senior Executive Officer (Corporate Governance) and Mr. KOITO Eiichi, President of Mitsubishi Motors Thailand, paid a courtesy call on H.E. Mr. Singtong Lapsatepun, Ambassador of Thailand to Japan, to express gratitude and bid farewell on the Ambassador's retirement. The meeting was also attended by Ms. Kanokporn Chotipal, Minister (Economics and Investment).

On this occasion, both sides discussed about the electric vehicle (EV) industry in Thailand, particularly Mitsubishi Motors’ EV investment, the Thai Government’s policy, and the increased popularity of EV cars, which altogether affect Thai auto parts manufacturers. The Ambassador then emphasized that the Thai and Japanese sides should work together to support the transition of the whole supply chain in the automobile industry in both Thailand and Japan, while expressing appreciation towards Mitsubishi Motors’ role in advancing the Thai automobile industry, as a pioneer in exporting cars manufactured in Thailand and as a major car manufacturer in Thailand. Hopefully Mitsubishi Motor will help drive the new generation automobile industry in Thailand as well.

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