Press Conference on 24th Thai Festival Tokyo


On 4 April 2024, the Organizing Committee on 24th Thai Festival Tokyo, namely the Royal Thai Embassy, TSP Taiyo Inc., Kyodo Osaka Co. Ltd., and On The Line Co. Ltd., hosted a PR Event to announce the upcoming 24th Thai Festival Tokyo, scheduled to take place from 9 – 12 May 2024 at Yamano Hall, Yoyogi Park and ShibuyaXXX.

The PR event was embraced by 70 attendees, including media representatives and influencers.A remark delivered by H.E. Mr. Witchu Vejjajiva, Ambassador of Thailand to Japan, emphasized the objectives of the Thai Festival which align with the Thai government's policy of promoting the Thai entertainment industry globally and fostering People-to-People (P-to-P) and Public-Private (P-P) relations between Thailand and Japan. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, the Ambassador hopes that this event will as well contribute to closer ties between the people and businesses of both countries. In parallel, Mr. Yoshinori IKEZAWA, President of TSP Taiyo, who represents the private partners, mentioned about the increasing popularity of Thainess in Japan and reaffirmed the commitment to make this event a success.

The PR event presented a short VDO clip introducing the highlights of the 24th Thai Festival Tokyo, centered around the theme "Thai Entertainment", a charming live performance by the up-and-coming pop sensation “Serious Bacon” There was also a talk session on the T-Pop industry, joined by Mr. Entaro Sanroku, a Japanese DJ and Guitarist who loves T-Pop, and the “Serious Bacon”, as well as Miss Tita Kanittanon, International Business Manager of Muzik Move Co., Ltd and Ms. Patamon Panchavinnin, Counsellor of the Royal Thai Embassy.

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