2014.02.05 Provincial Waterworks Authority trainees and Saitama Prefecture representatives paid a courtesy call on Minister


On 5 February 2014, Mr. Akiyoshi Fujimura, Associate Director of General Affairs Division, Bureau of Public Enterprise, Saitama Prefecture, led eight trainees from Thai Provincial Waterworks Authority to pay a courtesy call on Minister Singtong Lapisatepun.  The group was learning Saitama Prefecture’s advanced waterworks system during its 2-week-visit to Japan from 3 to 14 February 2014.

Under JICA’s project, Saitama Prefecture and Thailand Provincial Waterworks Authority have cooperated in technical assistance in waterworks system.  Previously, the cooperation was merely limited to Chonburi’s Provincial Waterworks Authority but this year it has included Chiang Mai, Nongkai and Udonthani as well.


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