2014.03.17 Election Commission and Department of Consular Affairs of Thailand visited Embassy


On 17 March 2014, a 14-member -visiting group from Thailand composed of the Election Commission of Thailand, led by Mr.  Boonsong Noisophon, election commissioner, and the Department of Consular Affairs, led by Miss Pornpan Buakird, Deputy Director-General, visited the Royal Thai Embassy.  Their purposes included hearing the briefing on overseas election by post for Thais residing in Japan by Minister Singtong Lapisatepun and observing the process carried out by the Embassy. Overseas senator election was scheduled during 16-22 March 2014.

Overseas election observation and monitoring in Japan was made at both the Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo and the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Osaka during 15-20 March 2014.



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