2014.04.21 Minister briefed on Thais’ viewpoint towards Hokkaido tourism


On 21 April 2014, Minister Singtong Lapisatepun briefed the meeting of the Association of Hokkaido Tourism Industry Representatives in Tokyo, a Hokkaido tourism related public and private sectors, on the Thais’ viewpoint about Hokkaido tourism at Hotel Monterey Hanzoumon.


Questioned why the Thais like Japan, Minister touched upon strong ties between Thailand and Japan in diverse perspectives such as between the Thai Royal Family and Japan Imperial Family and people to people exchange, trade relations, and as friends in need in the midst of natural disaster.  He also advised that, in order to receive more Thai tourists in Hokkaido, the prefecture would need to consider not only public relations on Hokkaido alone but also diverse factors such as different needs of Thai visitors in different generations, Thai food culture, purchasing behavior, social practice and Buddhist belief.

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