2014.07.26-29 Ambassador visited Okinawa


Ambassador Thanatip Upatising and Mme. Monthip Upatising, his spouse, visited Okinawa to attend Mobile Consular in Okinawa during 26-27 July 2014.  In this occasion, both paid a courtesy visit to Mr. Hirokazu Nakaima, Okinawa Governor, and Mr. Takeshi Sakumoto, Naha Honorary Consul and Chairman of Suizen Distillery Co., Ltd, as well as visiting EM Research Organization during 28-29 July 2014.

In his meeting with Okinawa Governor, Ambassador informed him of Thai political situation and the National Council for Peace and Order’s three-phase-roadmap, ensuring that the Japanese can normally do business and travel in Thailand. He also agreed with the governor to strengthen between Thailand and Okinawa, especially in tourism.

On the other hand, during his call on Naha Honorary Consul and Chairman of Suizen Distillery, Co., Ltd., Ambassador expressed his gratitude for looking after and supporting Thais residing in Okinawa.  He also thanked him for playing an important role in importing Thai rice for Awamori Liquor production, making Thai rice more widely known in Japan, and proposed for his further support.

Ambassador extended his visit to an EM development industry in which Okinawa is well-known of.  EM Research Organization (EMRO) has developed EM from non-pathogenic microorganisms, which is used in various industries such as agriculture, healthy food, and services such as in hotels.  EMRO has introduced EM in Thailand, especially in agricultural industry, and significantly play a role in developing EM Ball for Thailand during the great flood in 2011.  The organization plans to start a business in healthy food which fully utilizes EM in the future.



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