2014.08.25-26 Ambassador, Thai Farmers and Media Visited Japanese Farms under Project of From Farm to Table : what will Thai Farmers Learn from the Japanese?


Mr. Thanathip Upathising, ambassador together with the group of media and Thai farmers (members of the Development of Ecological Agriculture and Plant Conservation Network) visited  pear orchard operated by the gardeners group of Shimotsuma city, Ibaraki prefecture. During the trip, members observed the process which began with fruit picking, fruit classification, packaging and developing various products from pear fruits. On that evening, Mr. Motoharu Inaba, Mayor of Shimotsuma city, hosted the dinner to welcome the group.

Next day, on 26th, ambassador and the delegates moved to Chiba prefecture to visit The Farm, farm resort run by Wagoen Co., Ltd. During the seminar, visitors learnt about their organization structure, business model and current market situation. The group visited vegetable cutting, freezing units and Bio Mass Recycle Center where produces natural fertilizer from vegetable waste.

The agricultural organizations that the group visited have applied the Sextiary Sector philosophy   (farmers harvest, process the agricultural products and sell by themselves) in their business models in order to increase revenues and to strengthen their local communities.

Shimotsuma City, Ibaraki Prefecture

The Farm, Wagoen Co., Ltd. Chiba Prefecture

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