Ambassador Thanatip visited Kagoshima Prefecture


Receiving an invitation from Kagoshima prefecture, Ambassador Thanatip Upatising visited Kagoshima prefecture from 1 September to 3 September 2014 and, during the time, had opportunities to meet with several high-level local municipal authorities and private sectors from the prefecture.

On 1 September 2014, Mr. Yuichiro Ito, Mayor of Kagoshima Prefecture hosted a dinner to welcome Ambassador Thanatip and other delegates. Mayor Ito expressed his intent to strengthen relationship with Thailand, especially in term of trade and tourism and also mention that, on May 2014, he had a chance to visit Thailand on a mission to promote local products and goods from the prefecture at THAIFEX. He wished that more number of Thai tourists will visit Kagoshima prefecture in the near future. Ambassador responded that Royal Thai Embassy stands ready to work closely with the prefecture and also pointed out that Thailand’s political situation has returned to its normalcy.  Therefore, it is safe to travel to Thailand both for pleasure and also for business.

On 2 September 2014, Ambassador Thanatip visited Togo Co., Ltd., which sells manufacturing dies and molds. The company just opened its factory in the Rayong industrial estate last year, and aimed to distribute its products to other ASEAN countries by using Thailand as a manufacturing hub.  On the same day, Amb. Thanatip also had a dinner with Mr. Yoshiro Iwasaki, President of Iwasaki Sangyo Co., Ltd. , a large-scale company of Kagoshima prefecture, which has a variety of businesses such as tourism, hotel, and airlines. Mr. Iwasaki also had a wish to attract more tourists from Thailand to Kagoshima prefecture and established relations with Thailand in term of human resource development.

On 3 September 2014, Amb. Thanatip visited Sakamoto Kurozu Co., Ltd., the original manufacturer of Japan’s Black Vinegar, who showed its interest in exporting and selling its Black Vinegar in Thailand, the same way as it is currently selling in Singapore.



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