2013.08.13 Thai Ambassador to Japan discussed with Djibouti Ambassador in Tokyo accredited to Thailand


On 13 August 2013, H.E. Mr. Thanatip Upatising, Thai Ambassador to Japan, joined dinner with H.E. Mr. Ahmed Araita Ali, Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti to Japan, accredited to Thailand.  Djibouti Ambassador showed interest in purchasing 100,000 tons of100% parboiled rice from Thailand yearly from January 2014 to 2017 for domestic consumption, as well as for export to neighboring countries such as Ethiopia and Sudan.   In addition, he also proposed to organize exchange trips for business sectors from the two countries and encouraged Thai business to invest in Djibouti shipyard industry and in tax-free business areas, as Djibouti is located in a location where the number of ships passed through. This would allow Thailand to take advantage of Djibouti’s preferential trade arrangement in exporting to the US and Europe, as well as connecting to Africa and Arab nations using Djibouti as a hub.


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