2013.08.03-30 Vocational Training Project in Japan


Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo, with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, and in cooperation with the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Ministry of Health of Thailand, organized the Vocational Training Project in Japan during 3-30 August 2013 at Wat Paknam (Paknam Temple), Narita Prefecture, Japan. Thirty-eight Thai citizens participated in this project where they learned professional massage and its technique, both in reflexology and Thai body massage with certified trainers of the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine.

The participants also practiced Samatha-Vipassana meditation with the monks of Wat Paknam, which helped the learning process of traditional Thai medicine and pacified the minds of the practitioners

The Vocational Training Project is part of public diplomacy pushed forward by the Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo with the aim to elevate the living of the Thais in Japan on the sustainable path by developing their vocational skills and equipping them with education and training. The project also seeks to promote Thai traditional medicine and its professional recognition in Japan.

Since 2002, the Royal Thai Embassy has held the vocational training programs producing six batches of Thai massage practitioners and entrepreneurs in Japan.



On 3 August 2013, Ambassador Thanatip Upatising and Mme Monthip Upatising presented at the opening ceremony of the 2013 Vocational Training Project for Thais at Wat Paknam Japan.



On 30 August 2013, Ambassador granted certificates for those who had completed their reflexology and Thai body massage course at the same location.

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