2013.08.26-27 Ambassador visited Nagano


On 26-27 August 2013, Ambassador Thanatip Upatising and Mme Monthip Upatising, his spouse, visited Nagano Prefecture in order to strengthen relationship between Thailand and the prefecture with Vice-Governor Yasuyoshi Wada and to visit Japanese agricultural businessmen who expanded their business to processed food and service industries to prepare for international competitiveness in agricultural sector upon joining TPP.

In the discussion with Nagano’s Vice-Governor, both sides emphasized the long relationship between Thailand and Nagano since 1937, when the Thai Government presented the attitude of subduing Mara Buddhist image to Zenkoji Temple, Nagano City, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Thailand-Japan diplomatic relations.  In economic aspect, 72 companies from Nagano Prefecture are investing in Thailand.   As for people-to-people exchange, 2,097 Thais are residing in Nagano Prefecture.  On the other hand, 9,170 Thai tourists visited the prefecture in 2012 and the number is likely to continuously increase.  Ambassador encouraged the prefecture to enhance cooperation with Thailand in agriculture, especially product processing, and tourism.

On the study tour at Nagai Farm, which operates rice and milk cow farms, and Shuka-en, which produces grapes, it was learned that both were not concerned of competition with agricultural products from overseas due to TPP.  The reason was that the farms are confident in their product quality and diversity of processed products, including improving selling channels to speedily entrust the products to targeted customers.



Meeting with Nagano Vice-Governor


Study trip at Nagai Farm


Study trip at Shuka-en

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