2013.08.31 Ambassador joined Thai Festival in Shizuoka


On 31 August 2013, Ambassador Thanatip Upatising and his spouse presided over in the opening ceremony of the 4th Thai Festival in Shizuoka Prefecture.  The festival was organized by Shizuoka Japan Thailand Association at Aoba Symbol Road, Aoi City, Shizuoka Prefecture, during 31 August – 1 September 2013. It aimed at promoting Thailand attractiveness in Shizuoka Prefecture and strengthening good relations between Thailand and Shizuoka Prefecture.

Ambassador wished for the success of the event and stressed the significance of strengthening Thailand-Shizuoka relations, which has been carried on since the time of Nagamasa Yamada, the Japanese Samurai who lived in the prefecture 400 years ago during Ayutthaya period. Ambassador also mentioned that the Japanese Government’s policy on the exemption of visa for Thai tourists within 15 days would significantly contribute to the increase of Thai tourists to Shizuoka. Lastly, Ambassador congratulated Japan for UNESCO approval of Mount Fuji as a Cultural World Heritage on 26 June 2013.  Mr. Hajime Amano, President of Shizuoka Japan Thailand Association, Mr. Nobuhiro Tanabe, Shizuoka Mayor and Mr. Masaki Wakaume, Shizuoka Foreign Relations Director also attended the opening ceremony.

Shizuoka Thai Festival is supported by Shizuoka City and the Japanese who admire Thailand.  This year, the festival accommodated 40,000 visitors who enjoyed around 35 booths ranging from Thai food and products to Thai massage.  The Royal Thai Embassy’s booth focused on Thai carving promotion, giving a chance for interested persons to try or observe soap and fruit carving.

Prior to the festival, Ambassador paid a courtesy call on Mr. Heita Kawakatsu, Shizuoka Governor, on 30 August 2013, to discuss on measures to enhance Thailand and Shizuoka’s relations such as economy, trade, tourism and cooperation on academic and agricultural areas.

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