10.07 The 27th Japan-Thailand Nagamasa Festival


On 7 October 2012, Mr. Singtong Lapisatepun, Chargé d’ affaires and his spouse, together Mr. Yordying Supasri, First Secretary joined the 27th Japan-Thailand Nagamasa Festival at Sengen Shopping street, Aoi district, Shizuoka City. The Chargé d’ affaires delivered a congratulatory speech at the opening ceremony. The Embassy supports the festival by providing Thai souvenirs for the festival. The Embassy, in cooperation with Tourism Authority of Thailand, Tokyo Office, supports the festival by setting up a booth to distribute small gifts and leaflets about Thai tourism, culture and food.

This year’s festival was even more special as the year 2012 marks the 125th anniversary of Japan - Thailand diplomatic relations and the 400th anniversary of Nagamasa Yamada’s landing on the soil of Ayutthaya. Yamada was a Japanese samurai who traveled to Thailand in Ayutthaya period, served for the Thai Army and was later granted a title of “Okya Senaphimuk”. Many Japanese and Thai residents in Shizuoka area  participated in the festival and enjoyed tasting Thai food, shopping at handicrafts shops, as well as watching Thai traditional dance and Thai boxing. There was also a parade lead by Thai traditional Tuk Tuk which was held from the venue to the Sengen Shrine. The participants also had a chance to try riding Tuk-Tuk car in the festival.



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