New prime ministers speech following appointment


New prime ministers speech following appointment

(unofficial translation)

Dear Thai people,

His Majesty the King has graciously granted a royal command appointing me as prime minister. This occasion is indeed the highest honour and greatest blessing for my life. My family and I are overwhelmingly grateful for His Majestys kindness and trust in appointing me to serve under royal command, as well as to administer the government, to serve His Majesty, the country, and the people. His Majestys greatest kindness today is a powerful inspiration to my life, which I will forever hold high with loyalty, dedication, and determination to give back to my homeland and forever bring about the highest benefits for the country and the people.

Most importantly, on the most auspicious and meaningful occasions that His Majesty will reach the 7th cycle, or the 84th birthday anniversary in December, and on Her Majesty the Queens birthday anniversary on August 12, I call upon all Thais to jointly offer Their Majesties the best wishes to express our gratitude for their blessing to us all.

I wish to thank all Thais, members of the

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