2011 Mobile Consular in Tochigi


On 31 July 2011, the Embassy and the Office of Labour Affairs provided 2011 Mobile Consular services in Tochigi Prefecture.

The services included passport services, civil registration and legalization, as well as basic health check by Doctor Takashi Sawada.

The total number of Thai citizens receiving the services was 83 (65 cases for passport services, 14 cases for legalisation,

1 case for birth registration, 4 cases for labour-related counselling, and 3 cases for other counselling).

Photo 1:  Official checking application documents for legalizationPhoto 2: Volunteer providing counselling

Photo 3: Official receiving application for passportPhoto 4: Official taking a passport photo

Photo 5: Official issuing legal documentPhoto 6: Embassy officials and volunteers taking a group photo

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