Ambassador joined the Press Conference for ProPak Asia 2010 Road Show to Japan


                 On 23 February 2010, the Ambassador partook in the Press Conference for ProPak Asia 2010 Road Show to Japan. In his speech, he reiterated that Thailand and Japan trade relations could trace back to 600 years ago. This close ties have resulted in Japanese businessmen and investors becoming the number one foreign trading partners of Thailand.  Currently, there are more than 3,000 Japanese companies investing in Thailand which is the largest Japanese investments in Southeast Asia. It is also reflecting Thailand as the potential place for foreign investments. The country’s export growth is now above 30 percent and expected to be increasing. ProPak 2010, which to be held in June in Bangkok, is one of the country’s readiness for investments and anticipated to have more than 33,000 trade buyers to participate in. The Ambassador wished the companies from Japan would take part in the event and Thailand, as the host of the event, would like to welcome all trade buyers and visitors to ProPak 2010.


                 During Q&A session, a Japanese press inquired on the current political situation in Thailand and a major case against the former prime minister Thaksin Shinnawatra which the Ambassador cited that the case now in the court’s ruling. He also reiterated that the Court, according to the court system in Thailand, is independence from political interference and believed that, after the announcement of the court verdict, the situation in Thailand would return to normalcy. Regarding to the Japanese business in Thailand, the Ambassador referred to the occasion of the Foreign Minister of Thailand meeting with JETRO and Japanese businessmen recently in Bangkok that the Minister cited the Japanese business would not be impacted by the political situation in Thailand. There has not any Japanese companies expressed their indication to withdraw investments from Thailand. The Ambassador also stressed that Thailand has much potential for foreign investments with its well-built financial foundation. Moreover, the Thai Government would implement an economic stimulus package phrase II for the amount of 1.43 trillion baht from 2009-2012 emphasising on infrastructure projects. This could be an opportunity for Japanese investors in Thailand.


                  ProPak Asia 2010, to be scheduled during 16-19 June 2010, is the top international processing and packaging machinery and technology in Asia especially for food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. ProPak 2010 has received good responses from 32,000 trade buyers which includes 65 Japanese companies.


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