Thai Ambassador was conferred Imperial Decoration


10-1mofaOn 1st  October 2009, H.E. Katsuya Okada, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan and on behalf of the Emperor of Japan, Readconferred Imperial Decoration of “旭日大綬章 (kyokujitsu dai jusy) ” or “the Grand Cordon of the Oder of the Rising Sun” to Mr. Suvidhya Simaskul, then Ambassador, which Mrs. Boontipa Simaskul, Madame, was also presented at the ceremony.


H.E. Okada took the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Suvidhya on the auspicious occasion and commended him for his earnest efforts to promote relationships of the two countries. During his duty, many tasks, including the Royal and governmental visits, were most successful. The joint agreement on JTEPA in 2007 drives forward the Thai-Japan economic cooperation. On cultural sides, the Thai Festivals in Japan promote Thailand among Japanese people and encourage them to participate more in this annual event. Besides, the celebration of the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations in 2007 and Japan-Mekong Exchange Year 2009 also support cordial relationship. H.E. Okada wishes Mr. Suvidhya will continue to help promote closer relationship.

Mr. Suvidhya expressed his deep gratitude to His Majesty The Emperor of Japan for granting him the privilege and took this opportunity extended his appreciation to H.E. Okada. Also he reassures to continue to promote better understanding and elevate the bilateral cooperation. Lastly, he wishes that Thailand will have the opportunity to welcome H.E. Okada presently.




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