Tokyo International Film Festival 2014 “CROSSCUT ASIA #1 Thai Fascination”


On 24 October 2014, Minister Singtong Lapisatepun gave the remarks at the Opening Reception of the “CROSSCUT ASIA #1 Thai Fascination” project of which organized by the Japan Foundation with full support of the Embassy. The “CROSSCUT ASIA #1 Thai Fascination” is an initiative taken by Japan Foundation Asia Center through the support of Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), aiming for deepening understanding between Japan and other Asian countries through films during the annual TIFF in Tokyo and it is expected to be implemented for the next seven years until 2020. This year, as the first round of the series, Japan Foundation focuses on Thai films through selecting 8 famous works to be shown in cinemas in Roppongi and Nihonbashi between 23-30 October 2014.

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