The Ambassador attended the Chiba-ga-Ichiban Chiba Product Fair in Yoshiyo City, Chiba.


On 11 June 2017, H.E. Ambassador Bansarn Bunnag together with Mr. Morita Kensaku, Governor of Chiba prefecture attended the opening of the Chiba-ga-Ichiban Chiba Product Fair at the Aeon mall in Yoshiyo city, Chiba.
The Chiba-ga-Ichiban Chiba Product Fair is held every year to promote agricultural and fishery products from Chiba. This year, the event was held on 8-11 June 2017 and is the 130th year anniversary of Thai-Japan diplomatic relations. Yoshiyo city is the sister city to Bangkok and therefore also holds a Thai food corner in the mall. Thai foods such as mangos, pomelos, durians, bananas and frozen foods can be found.

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