The Ambassador pushed Thai investment in Japan


On 17 August 2017, H.E. Ambassador Bansarn Bunnag attended a meeting between Team Thailand and the private sector in Japan in order to further strengthen investment between Thailand and Japan.
The private sector consisted of executive officers from Thai Airways International, Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Property Perfect Co., Ltd. and Banpu Power (Japan) Co., Ltd. The participants agreed on the direction of investment from Thailand, which has increased due to Japan's investment promotion policy to stimulate the slowdown of the inbound economy. Since Japanese investors have no confidence in expanding their investments, this should be an opportunity for foreign investors. At this moment, Thailand is the 11th largest foreign investor in Japan and the 2nd largest in ASEAN, with a total investment of 8,000 billion. In addition, the main investments in Japan are in the finance and banking sector, the energy sector, the real estate sector and the manufacturing industrial sector.
Based on the situation above, the Ambassador said that the Royal Thai Embassy and Team Thailand are ready to fully support the Thai private sector. Particularly, in negotiations with the government and local Japanese, to solve problems and make it more convenient for the private sector to conduct business as the Royal Thai Embassy has been supporting. At the same time, the embassy wants to merge the private sector in Japan to support their network as well as being a factor in negotiations with Japan.
They all agreed, that a key factor to investing in Japan, is that a representative in Japan is needed and that they need to find a high potential, Japanese business partner.

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