Minister Counsellor (Labour) attended Setsubun Ceremony 2019 at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple


On 3rd February 2019, Mr. Saichon Akanitvong, Minister of Labour attended the annual Setsubun (Bean Throwing) Festival at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple which is the ceremony to celebrate the spring of Japanat Narita san temple. Since ancient times, it is believed that changing seansons may cause misfortune. Therefore, bean throwing was aimed to repel evil and bring luck instead. In this event, there were many famous people such as Mr. Ebiso Ishikawa, Kabuki actor, along with his son Kangen Horikshi and a large historical drama actor & ldquo; Idaten & rdquo; Mr. Sadao Abe also attended the event. The bean throwing festival was held on February 3 every year.

Tags:   Narita san, Setsubun

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