Former Chairman and Chairman of JETRO Bangkok paid a courtesy call on the Ambassador


On 2 July 2019, Mr. Hiroki Mitsumata, the former Chairman of JETRO Bangkok, paid a courtesy call on the Ambassador Bansarn Bunnag to bid farewell as he finished his tenure and introduce Mr. Atsushi Taketani as the new JETRO Chairman in Bangkok.

The Ambassador expressed his gratitude to Mr. Mitsumata for his endeavor during 4 years at JETRO Bangkok which is the biggest branches in 74 countries and has supported more than 5,500 Japanese companies that invest in Thailand; particularly, bringing 600 Japanese businessmen to Thailand in 2017. Even though Mr. Mitsumata had finished his term but JETRO Bangkok is still continue supporting to drive the Thailand 4.0 policy, EEC, starts up business, agriculture and human development. They asked the Ambassador to persuade Thai people to travel to other region of Japan such as Hokuriku Shikoku and Tohoku

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