Ambassador welcomes a person with a disability under the 2020 Japan Barrier-Free Project.


On 11 September 2020, Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun welcomed Ms.TANAKA Kaho, who is affected by Rett Syndrome, together with her mother Mrs. TANAKA Tomoko, under the 2020 Japan Barrier-Free Project. Ambassador gave his strong encouragement for Ms. TANAKA Kaho and her family to overcome obstacles and be able to live an enjoyable life. He also expressed his full support for a better livelihood for the people with disability and to make society more inclusive for everyone.

Ambassador Singtong admired Mrs. TANAKA’s wholehearted dedication for taking good care of her child. He stressed that physical limitations could happen to anyone at any time. He also agreed with Mrs. TANAKA that the society’s attitudes towards the people with disabilities must be shifted from being a burden to giving them respects as a part of the community without discrimination. To accept the people with disability is not just about building facilities for them, but to open our minds to accept them as viable and authentic citizens.

Ambassador Singtong shared the Embassy’s role in supporting people with disabilities. The Thai diplomats' spouses chose to provide donation from the Asia-Pacific Ladies Friendship Society (ALFS) to the Pakjit Pakjai Project in Chiang Mai Province, which teaches the Japanese "Sashiko" embroidery technique to the visually impaired people in Thailand. Such technique is used by Japanese women to embroider clothes at night without any lights from candles, lamps, nor electricity in the old time. The same technique can therefore be practiced and create income for the visually impaired people.

Ambassador Singtong also shared the Royal Thai Government’s policies that advocate better quality of life for the people with disabilities, including developing public facilities for people with disabilities, supports access to education, and development of professional competencies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand also supports career opportunities for people with disabilities by employing them during the 2019 ASEAN Summit hosted by Thailand.Thailand also supports the role of the people with disabilities in the international arena, such as Mr. Monthian Buntan, who was elected as a member of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for a total of 8 years and presently nominating Mrs. Saowalak Thongkuay to be designated as a member of the Committee for 2021-2024.

The 2020 Japan Barrier-Free Project is supported by the Japanese Government to promote the well-being of the people with disabilities. The activity at the Embassy was participated by representatives from various sectors, including Mr. KOBAYASHI Hideaki, former Ambassador of Japan to Thailand, representatives from KJ Holdings, Altech co., and Japan Polymer Technology Co., which showed determination to further promote the rights and equality of persons with disabilities, and Mr. YAMADA Bengt, Director for the 2020 Japan Barrier-Free Project.

Video of the event

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