Ambassador attended the Shinkansen High-Speed Train Series N700S launch event


On 6 October 2020, Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun represented the Thai government to attend the Shinkansen high-speed train Series N700S launch event at the invitation of the International High Speed Rail Association (IHRA) and the Central Japan Railway Company.  

On this occasion, the Ambassador had the opportunity to take a test ride of the Series N700s Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Mishima Station, Shizuoka Prefecture, and attended a briefing session about the development of the train and the operation of Central Japan Railway Company. The event was attended by approximately 30 ambassadors and diplomats from various embassies in Tokyo. 

The series N700S Shinkansen officially started its service in July 2020, with a speed of 285 km per hour. It was modified and developed both in interior and outside to be more durable, modern, and energy-saving.

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