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A little learning goes a long way…

... vision, government and academic institutions began to follow her example in the pursuit of academic excellence and a better life for the country’s future generations. In 1979, that vision materialized with The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Foundation,... ... Highness began to recognize and give equal importance to other factors shaping children’s development. This included providing good nutrition and combatting iodine deficiency through lunch projects, providing access to technology for schools in rural areas,...

Art of the Loom: the Future of Sustainable Fashion

... industry. Fabric like polyester are spun from plastic threads, break down into microplastics which get into the soil and water, ultimately entering the food chain. In fact, microplastics have become a leading marine pollutant. Even if countries have good marine debris and wastewater management, microplastics from synthetic fibers in the laundry could still threaten the well-being of life below water. As a contrast and a blessing in fact, natural yarn used in Thai silk and cotton garments are biodegradable and therefore do not break down into microplastics. Thai consumers are equally addicted to fast fashion.  But there is hope on ...
Thai silk

The Princess of Humanity

... only a few Siamese girls attended school. Yet, despite her status of a princess, she led a simple, humble and down-to-earth life until her very last day. That is why the people’s sentiment towards her is a warm and caring bond, as if she were their ... ... Mahidol rather than as a princess. A Thai proverb that underlines the influence of mothers on their children states that ‘a good elephant is detectable from its tail and a good lady is identifiable from her mother.’ In the case of the Princess, her ...

A Modern Monarch in Action: Mobilising Relief in a Pandemic

... people’s quality of life, education and health, is a serious one -- one that has been upheld as a solemn oath to the people, a life-long legacy that was passed down from erstwhile generations of kings. The Royal Family works in the mindfulness of a simple ... ... to basic public services even in the most remote areas of the country, so that they are able to earn a decent livelihood in good health and happiness. That is what the monarchy believes it owes to its people. Since Thailand is not a rich country, there ...

A Legacy That Stands by the People

... of the people. Thai people are more self-dependent, better educated, and have access to opportunities for better prospects in life. In the fast-changing world where human touch seems to be dominated by virtual interactions, many people have forgotten ... ... Vajiraklaochaoyuhua. In his Oath of Accession, he pledged “to treasure, preserve and build on our heritage…..for the great enduring good of the people.” His Majesty has never forgotten the solemn commitment of continuing the royal practice to help and empower ...

A Philosophy that Empowers from Within

... by emphasizing honesty, altruism, and perseverance, with the ultimate goal to create active, engaged citizens, and to promote good governance. SEP is obviously not a how-to handbook for development. Rather, it is a philosophy that guides our inner thinking ... ... the concept to be applied in any environment and level. However, sufficiency economy does not mean we have to be complacent in life. We can consider going beyond our basic needs as long as it does not exceed our existing means and capacity. The essence ...

Condolences for the passing away of Thai elephant “Arthit” at the Ueno Zoological Gardens

... the Royal Thai Embassy wishes to express our sincere appreciation to Elephant “Arthit” for being a Goodwill Ambassador, having put smiles on million faces and contributing to the strengthening relations between Thailand and Japan throughout his life. The Embassy will also continue to work closely with the Ueno Zoological Gardens to take good care of elephant “Uthai”.  Photo Cr.

Ambassador welcomes a person with a disability under the 2020 Japan Barrier-Free Project.

... is affected by Rett Syndrome, together with her mother Mrs. TANAKA Tomoko, under the 2020 Japan Barrier-Free Project. Ambassador gave his strong encouragement for Ms. TANAKA Kaho and her family to overcome obstacles and be able to live an enjoyable life. He also expressed his full support for a better livelihood for the people with disability and to make society more inclusive for everyone. Ambassador Singtong admired Mrs. TANAKA’s wholehearted dedication for taking good care of her child. He stressed that physical limitations could happen to anyone at any time. He also agreed with Mrs. TANAKA that the society’s attitudes towards the people with disabilities must be shifted from being a burden to giving them respects ...

Statement by the Prime Minister on 25 March 2020 regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

... measures will result in many inconveniences for the public, but I ask for all of us to make personal sacrifices for the public good. The most important thing to do now is to halt the further spread of this virus (which will involve restrictions into certain ... ... the public can easily understand. For those who are thinking of such things at a time when people are suffering, with a life or death situation – you will not get away with it. We will use every measure of the law to deal with your actions with ...

"Good Life along the Southern Border" Public Relations Office District 6 Songkhla

Telagapalas Local Fisheries Group : An Example of Collaboration on Legal Fishing and Local Fisheries Cooperative in Narathiwat Province. Telagapalas Local Fisheries Group : An Example of Collaboration on Legal Fishing and Local Fisheries Cooperative in Narathiwat Province. Please click here for details (Click)
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